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Who we are Content?

The Sports Legends brings forward the inspiring and exciting stories of legendary sports persons who created and are creating history. We started our journey in 2021 with the aim in mind to celebrate the every sports legend’s journey and the moments of legendary spirits of players on and off the field.

Our Stories are based on the credible sources, informative and well researched. There’s an ever-present energy that surrounds the world of sports. It exists on courts and fields and beats in every sports lover’s heart. Through “The Sports Legends” we will capture the journey of these legends and bring it to the sports fans across the world.

Stay tuned to to dive deep into the world of sports.

Our Mission

Whenever an art form loses its fire, when it gets weakened by intellectual inbreeding and first principles fade into stale tradition, a radical fringe eventually appears to blow it up and rebuild from the rubble. Young Gun ultrarunners were like Lost Generation writers in the ’20s, Beat poets in the ’50s, and rock musicians in the ’60s: they were poor and ignored and free from all expectations and inhibitions. They were body artists, playing with the palette of human endurance.

~ Christopher McDougall, Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.

This quote sums up our mission. Sport is a truly form of art and we are here to preserve the stories of those artists who perform this art.