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PT Usha biography, records and achievements

PT Usha biography, records and achievements

PT Usha is one of the foremost legendary feminine track and field athletes of all time. In this article, check out her biography, records and achievements.


PT Usha was born on June twenty seven, 1964, to a humble family within the city of Payyoli, in Calicut, Kerala, where she grew up to become one of the foremost legendary feminine track and field athletes of all time. Her full name is Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha. She didn't have a lucky upbringing and was affected by a variety of health issues likewise as extreme impoverishment. Her tremendous dedication to athletics and sports gained her the sobriquet 'Payyoli Express', which implies 'Queen of Indian Track and Field' in English. Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil On June twenty seven, 1964, Usha was born into a low-income family in Payyoli village (near Calicut) within the state of Kerala. Usha's upbringing was marred by economic conditions and illness, which solely served to strengthen her. E.P.M. Paithal and T.V. Lakshmi have a female offspring named P.T. Usha. Shobha, Suma, and Pradeep are her sisters and brothers. She and V Srinivasan have been married since 1991. Ujjwal Srinivasan was born in 1992 to the couple, and he's their only son. Once she was an adolescent, she exhibited a powerful interest in sports that she pursued once earning associate Rs. 2 hundred fifty scholarships from the govt of Kerala. Following that, Usha traveled to Cannanore, where she registered in a sports college (Kannur). The woman with a great deal of speed created her skilled debut by competing within the National college Games, wherever she caught the eye of athletic coach O.M. Nambiar because of her spectacular performance on the sphere. The occasion well-tried to be a watershed moment in her life, as she discovered the right mentor for her distinctive skills. In successive years, Usha traveled to Moscow for the 1980 Olympiad, once she created history as the initial Indian lady to compete in the associated Olympic Games. In 1982, she went on to win a silver medal at the Asian Games, which were held in the national capital.


 PT Usha was awarded the mythical being Award and also the Padma Shri Award in 1983 and 1985, severally, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the country's athletics community. In addition, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) named her the Century's Best contestant and Millennium's Best contestant. In addition, she received the planet Trophy for Best contestant in 1985 and 1986 from the International Olympic Committee for her achievements in athletics.


At the 1982 New Delhi Asian Games, he took home silver medals within the a hundred m and two hundred m events. In 1985, he took home 5 gold medals within the Asian Games in the capital of Indonesia. In 1984, she became the primary Indian lady to qualify for the finals of AN Olympic event. Olympic Games in la. The Asian Track and Field Championships in Kuwait saw her win gold within the four hundred meters with a brand new Asian record, a primary for her.