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Updated on March 13th 2024, 3:47:52 pm

One Question 3 NBA Teams Need to Answer ASAP

As the 2023-24 NBA season winds down, the questions facing the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, and Brooklyn Nets underscore the complex challenges and pivotal decisions that can make or break a team's aspirations.

With fewer than 20 games left in the 2023-24 NBA season, we've emphatically entered the critical fourth quarter—a time when teams ideally should have their strategies and rotations set in stone. In a perfect world, most of the pressing questions that loom over the season's start would be resolved by now, leaving little room for major adjustments.

However, the reality on the ground tells a different story. Whether teams are in the hunt for the coveted top playoff seeds, strategically losing games to better their draft position (a practice known colloquially as "tanking"), or navigating the complexities of developing young talent for future success, a multitude of questions still hangs in the balance.

This late in the game, the stakes are higher than ever, and the decisions made now could very well define the legacy of the season.

Atlanta Hawks: The Future with Trae Young - A Sure Bet?

The Atlanta Hawks are currently sailing through uncharted waters, facing their longest period yet without their star player, Trae Young, due to his recovery from left pinky surgery. This situation presents a unique opportunity for the team to assess their dynamics without Young's commanding presence on the court.

Over the past six years, Young has dazzled fans with his exceptional skills, particularly in pick-and-roll situations and more recently, his improved off-ball contributions. Despite these personal successes, including three All-Star appearances and a memorable conference finals run, the team's progress has been underwhelming. Atlanta has experimented with various support players around Young, cycled through coaching staff, and even overhauled the front office in search of a winning formula. Yet, the desired breakthrough to the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference remains elusive.

Now, with Young sidelined, the Hawks have a critical decision window. The team must thoroughly evaluate whether their future should continue to revolve around Young or if it's time to pivot. Shifting focus could mean building the team around talents like Dejounte Murray and Jalen Johnson, offering a new strategy and, perhaps, a fresh path to success. This period could potentially redefine the Hawks' trajectory, marking an end to one era and the beginning of another.

Boston Celtics: Mastering the Endgame - Strategies for Closing Out Victories?

The Boston Celtics are having an incredible season and are on track to score wins in the mid-60s, which is super impressive. However, even the best teams face tough questions. Recently, on March 7, they faced the Denver Nuggets and lost. It was a close game, ending 115-109, but some missed opportunities stood out. The Celtics struggled with three-pointers, making only 11 out of 38 attempts. Jayson Tatum had a chance to change the game's outcome with a wide-open corner three but missed in those crucial final seconds. Plus, their free throw game was off, too, hitting just 16 out of 25.

Losing to Denver by a small margin, mainly because of missing free throws, isn't the end of the world, especially when playing away against the champs. But Boston has had trouble before with scoring late in big games. This raises an important question: How can the Celtics push through and win when it really counts?

Improving in those high-pressure moments could be the key to turning close losses into big wins. It's a challenge that the team needs to tackle if they're aiming for the top. Denver is a team that many think the Celtics will face again in the NBA Finals. For fans into NBA wagering, these are the kinds of details that can really sway the odds.

Brooklyn Nets: Can Kevin Ollie Be the Answer?

The Brooklyn Nets are in a tricky spot this season. They've decided to give Kevin Ollie a chance as their head coach, but only for now - he's still got "interim" in his title. This means they're not sure he's the guy to lead the team into the future. If they were, they could've just made his job permanent from the get-go.

Before Ollie came in, the Nets weren't doing great, with a record of 21-33 under the previous coach, Jacque Vaughn. This wasn't great, especially since the Nets' first-round pick is going to the Houston Rockets. Now, it's up to Ollie to show that the team can do better. Luckily, he doesn’t have to plan around Ben Simmons, who is out for the season, which might give him a bit of an advantage.

Ollie has a pretty good track record, including winning a national championship as head coach at UConn. Players usually like former top assistants who become coaches, especially those who used to play themselves. It seems like Ollie has a solid chance to make a positive impact, but must prove himself in these next few games.


As the 2023-24 NBA season winds down, the questions facing the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics, and Brooklyn Nets underscore the complex challenges and pivotal decisions that can make or break a team's aspirations.

For the Hawks, the recovery period for Trae Young opens a window to evaluate the team's direction and potential for restructuring. The Celtics must refine their strategies to clutch victory from the jaws of defeat in high-stakes moments, ensuring their impressive season translates into playoff success. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets' gamble on interim coach Kevin Ollie represents a critical test of leadership and direction, with high hopes pinned on his ability to steer the team toward a brighter future.

These narratives highlight the relentless pursuit of excellence in the NBA, where adaptability, strategic foresight, and the courage to make bold decisions often define the path to glory.