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Updated on November 10th 2022, 2:39:20 pm

Jacques Kallis vs Sachin Tendulkar – Stats Comparison as Batter

Jacques Kallis vs Sachin Tendulkar – Stats Comparison as Batter

In this article, Jacques Kallis vs Sachin Tendulkar stats comparison as batter. As a batter Sachin Tendulkar was ahead of Jacques Kallis in test cricket and odis.

This is the last in this Series of articles about Stats Comparison and we are ending with a good one as we will talking about the 2 greatest cricketers to have played the game in my opinion and the runs they have scored as well as the wickets they have taken are proof that they could do anything for the team. Sachin Tendulkar and Jacques Kallis are 2 of the best and in this article you will see why.

Before I write about the stats Comparison, I have to say that watching these 2 Champions play at their prime and compete against each other was a privilege and something that I will never be able to forget in my lifetime. So, let’s look at the stats Comparison between these 2 all time greats of cricket.

Jacques Kallis

We talked about this incredible player in a previous article but as I said about Ricky Ponting, it will never be enough to write about such a once in a lifetime player. Jacques Kallis was the perfect cricketer and he could do anything his team wanted him to do. And his passion for the game was infectious to watch.

Test Cricket

Jacques Kallis was one of the players who could fit in any all time test playing 11 because he played 166 Test Matches and in all those Matches he scored 13289 test runs in his career and he scored these at an average of 55.37. He has also made the second most hundreds at 45 and he had a highest score of 224. And as a bowler he took 293 Test wickets which is way above than the other 2.

ODI Cricket

Jacques Kallis was equally successful In ODI cricket and we can say that about every few players over the years. He played 328 ODIs and in those he made 11579 runs at an average of 44.36 and he scored 17 ODI Hundreds in his career. He made a total of 25000 international runs in his career. As a bowler in ODI Cricket he took 273 wickets which Is amongst the highest for South Africa in ODIs.

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Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest of all time in my and a lot of other people’s opinions. Sachin Tendulkar made millions of people fall in love with cricket and till the time he was playing the game was at its peak and everyone came to watch him. He has done everything in cricket including win the 2011 World Cup which was the biggest moment of his career.

Test Cricket

There has not been a better batter in test cricket than this man and the numbers prove it as he has played 200 Test Matches which is the most and in those 200 Test Matches he has scored 15921 runs which is also the highest and he has made all these runs at an average of 53.78. He has made 51 Test hundreds which is the most and 6 more than the number 2 Jacques Kallis. He has a highest score of 248*. As a bowler he has taken 46 wickets in test cricket.

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ODI Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar was as good in ODI Cricket as he was in test cricket. He played a record 463 ODI Matches for India and in all these matches he made 18426 runs which is much more than all the others. He has made a total of more than 34000+ international runs which is also much more than the number 2. He has made 49 ODI hundreds which is also the most of all time. He was the first man to score a double hundred in ODI Cricket vs South Africa no less. As a bowler he took 154 wickets in ODI Cricket.

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Stats Comparison

Firstly as a bowler Jacques Kallis was way ahead in test cricket and a little ahead in ODI Cricket as he got almost 400 more wickets than Sachin Tendulkar. As a batter Sachin Tendulkar was a little ahead in test cricket as he got 2000+ more runs than him and he also got 6 more test hundreds than Kallis. And in ODIs, the gap is bigger as Sachin Tendulkar has got 7000+ more runs than Kallis and 32 more Hundreds.

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