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Updated on August 28th 2022, 3:46:38 pm

Top 5 Best bowling Performances of Stuart Broad in Test cricket

Stuart Broad has played 157 test matches so far. He has taken 555 test wickets at an average of 28.06 with 19 Five wicket hauls. Take a look at his top 5 best bowling performances.

As I said in the previous article regarding Dale Steyn that we have got three of the best fast bowlers in a series of articles and now we will talk about someone who has taken over 550 Test wickets but is still motivated to do better and take 600 Test wickets for England. He is one of the greatest of all time and a fast bowler playing over 150 test matches is such a rarity. We are talking about none other than Stuart Broad who has been a star in test cricket and we will look at his records below.

Stuart Broad has been playing test cricket since 2007 and is going strong even now which means 15+ years at the top and maintaining such high levels of fitness is staggering. He has played 157 test matches as of this writing and today may be his 158th vs South Africa. He has taken 555 test wickets at an average of 28.06 with 19 Five wicket hauls and 3 times he has taken 10 wickets in a test match. So, let’s see the Top 5 Best bowling Performances of his in test cricket.

6/91 vs Australia (2009)

Even though England lost this match no one can take away from this incredible performance by Stuart Broad in this test match where he was the lone man standing for England and such performances need to be recognised. Stuart Broad took 6 wickets for 91 runs in 25.1 overs where the other bowlers were not able to do anything. He made sure that Australia did not cross 450 but the batters let him down. This was an example of one man being far ahead of his teammates.

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5/85 vs West Indies (2009)

This was the first 5 wicket haul for Stuart Broad in test cricket and this performance needs to be here because taking 5 Wickets In a test innings I’d a massive achievement and doing it for the first time is special. Just like the last performance England lost this test match but Stuart Broad did his best to ensure the result was different and he bowled his heart out for 29 overs and took 5 wickets giving away 85 runs. It was a big moment for the young Broad.

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7/72 and 4/93 vs West Indies (2012)

Finally a bowling performance by Broad that led to a test win for England and it came at Lord’s against West Indies and he took 11 wickets in this test match. In the first innings he bowled one of his best spells and took 7 wickets out of 10 in 24.5 overs and gave away 72 runs and this gave England all the momentum. In the third Innings of the test match Broad again took 4 wickets for 93 runs and this ensured England win this match by 5 wickets. This was an exceptional bowling performance.

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6/51 vs New Zealand (2013)

I wanted to include a great overseas performance that did not result in a loss for England and this brilliant bowling performance in New Zealand in 2013 makes the list and Broad showed that he can also bowl well away from home. It was the first batting innings of New Zealand and Broad just kept on picking Wickets at regular intervals and never allowed the batting line-up to settle in and in just over 17 overs he got 6 Wickets for 51 runs and as a result the match was a draw but this was a special performance for Stuart Broad as he showed himself most importantly that he was great.

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6/17 vs South Africa (2016)

The fifth performance that we are putting on this list is another away performance but this time it led to a win for England in South Africa and the lead architect for that win was Stuart Broad. It was in 2016 and he was in red hot form. It was the third innings of the match and here Broad was at his best and in just 12.1 overs of bowling and giving away 17 runs he picked 6 wickets and dismissed South Africa for 83 in that innings and as a result England won this test match by 7 wickets.

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