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Updated on April 3rd 2024, 12:23:22 pm

How to Start Playing CricketX Slot?

The article contains a guide for strat playing at Cricket X slot. Also, you will find tips and tricks. Additionally, you will receive a successful strategy.

Guide How to Play CricketX Slot

Some people don't find cricket to be the world's most thrilling sport. And the creators understand it completely. However, if there was a way to make cricket one of the most thrilling and enjoyable activities available, with the chance to win some cash along the way. You would be thrilled to play.

Now, that's not just feasible—it's a reality—because of Smartsoft Gaming. The development team's first venture into the sports world is the online Cricket X slot game, and we have to admit, it may be one of their best creations to yet. This is something to keep in mind.

If you have ever played Smartsoft Gaming games or heard of them, then you should definitely login to CricketX and try to play. The idea behind this game is quite simple, just like it is with all Smartsoft games. Because players are taking a chance on when the cricket ball will finally burst, the game is essentially one of guesswork.

Since there is no requirement for specific skill sets, it's an easy concept that a lot of people will accept. Smartsoft is well known for creating commercially successful games that are playable and entertaining for all audiences.

Playing Mechanism at Cricket X

Cricket X is easy to play. The first stage is to determine the amount to bet each round, as punters will be participating and risking their money. Ascertaining the accuracy of a wager is a vital aspect of the game, potentially ranking alongside cashing out, thus it's important to pay attention to it.

Of course, starting the action is the next stage. Players will witness a bowler run and bowl in the direction of a batsman at the crease, who will scoop the ball high into the air. The accompanying animation will show this to punters, but they shouldn't become very engrossed because the multiplier will start to rise right away.

The multiplier will increase as the ball rises, which is great news since it means there's a great chance to win some cash. But the cricket ball can explode at any moment, so it's important to pay out before it does. A gamer will eventually receive some additional money if they succeed in doing this. However, if you wait too long, everything will be lost.

Placing a Bet Guide at CricketX

Selecting slots from Smartsoft Gaming always makes it simple to place a wager and earn real money. You may start winning as soon as you understand the fundamentals; this slot machine will undoubtedly become an excellent option for enthusiastic new players. Here is a quick tip to help you succeed:

  1. Determine your budget and place your wager;

  2. Decide on a multiplier;

  3. Watch for the cricket ball to explode.

Tips and Tricks at Cricket X

The same ideas are relevant to all Smartsoft Gaming games in general, but they still have weight. The first thing to note is that because random number generators (RNG) are used in the games, it is hard to establish relationships or patterns between them. This is why it's not a good idea to raise your bets just because you feel like you're winning.

Speaking of bets, you need to have a strategy for how much you want to stake each game and how much money you have available overall because Cricket X rounds move quickly. It's simple to finish several rounds fast, which could deplete one's playing money.

Since there is no way to predict what will happen next, it may be impossible to truly have a plan you can rely on because of RNG. Although aiming for larger rewards is always enjoyable, collecting regular smaller prizes has a higher probability of being successful.

Strategy for Cricket X Game

Cricket X is a simple game from Smartsoft Gaming that any new player can play. There isn’t much to the mechanics of the game. But don’t let the simple nature of the game fool you. If you take it lightly, you might end up losing more than winning. There are two main phases of the game. Placing the bet and cashing it out at the right time. You need to understand both, otherwise, a bet that you thought you could win might end up being the one that you lose.

Two bets can be placed in a single spin of the game. Alternatively, you can decide to be safe and just make one wager. For those just starting out, we advise sticking to only one.

Let's speak about how much you can bet before you get into how much you should bet. A single wager might range from 9 INR to 9000 INR. Knowing how much to wager about your bankroll is the key to successful betting.

The number of bets you wish to place will determine how different the strategies are. However, there's no need to worry about missing out because you can read about both:

  • Single Bets. You don't run the risk of becoming sidetracked when you place a single wager. The sound and animations work well together. They may be sidetracked, though. If you are easily sidetracked, stick with the single wager. First, the experts advise setting your bankroll before placing any single bets. A minimum sum ought to be required to make at least 100 wagers. As a result, you should have 1500 INR in your account if you're betting 15 INR. You should have more money in your account if you wish to wager larger amounts. For single bets, you have three risk-leveling options at your disposal. The risks are low, moderate, and high. Your goal multiplier should be between 1.35 and 1.40 times the minimum. You won't gain much money from this, but you will eventually win a lot. For wagers with a modest level of risk, you can aim for 2.5x–3.5x. However, the likelihood of that occurring is about 40%. You can try this if you have a bigger bankroll and are feeling more confident. And lastly, the high-stakes games. Here, the multiplier you're looking for ought to be in the hundred range. However, this can occur once every hour. Check out the multiplier history on the left to see when the next significant multiplier is likely to occur;

  • Double bets. You should use the auto cash-out tool for double bets rather than manually cashing out. You can select a target multiplier, and the game will automatically cash out your wager for you when the ball hits that multiplier. For more experienced gamers who enjoy placing double bets, this is a fantastic choice. The cash-out option has multiple multipliers that you can specify. You may be able to play a little riskier and win more as a result of this. As with the single bet, the risk levels are the same. However, the majority of participants in double betting begin at a moderate risk level. For a more consistent experience, some gamers also choose to combine minimum and moderate risk multipliers. As per the 1.35x minimum risk strategy, set the first auto cash out. Additionally, the second one may be 2.5x–3.5x. Should you be switching from single to double bets, this ought to improve your gaming experience. If you want to go all out and play the risky route of bets, then you can set the first cash out at 40x and the second one at 100x. Once again, the chances of the risky multipliers showing up are quite low and won’t happen too often, so check the multiplier history before proceeding.