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Updated on January 15th 2024, 6:31:17 pm

The New ways to place bets in 2024 to win big

The year is 2024 and the ways to place bets have been updating rapidly. In this article, We will also introduce you to one of the best cricket betting sites in India that you can try your luck on.

The year is 2024 and the ways to place bets have been updating rapidly. The question is whether you are fascinated enough to learn the new techniques or not. Learning the new and updated sports betting methods can help you land a huge sum. In this article, we will lay out all the necessary methods that you can learn and equip yourself before walking into the betting market. We will also introduce you to one of the best cricket betting sites in India that you can try your luck on. Now, without beating around the bush, let’s get into the article.

New strategies, New Year

In a market as cutthroat as sports betting, depending solely on luck is surefire. Contrarily, consistent profitability can only be attained by strategic thinking. Here, we go into great detail about several successful cricket betting tips that can make you money.

Value betting

Value is as simple as identifying situations in which the odds provided by the sportsbook do not correspond to the probability of a particular result. You've discovered value, for instance, if you determine that a team has a 60% chance of winning yet the bookmaker's odds indicate a 50% chance.

How to find value in certain bets

There are many ways to find value bets. You can calculate the probabilities using various tools, historical data, and real-time information. You can use all these data and find the most accurate probability.

The other way in which you can evaluate the bet is by comparing odds. You can examine the odds given on a sportsbook and compare the risk and value. This will help you identify any mispriced odds.

Look for any discrepancies i.e., the probability calculated is higher than the bookmaker’s. If that’s the case, then you have a value bet.

Pay attention to the conditions

Conditional betting is a sophisticated and lucrative sports betting approach. It allows you to customize your wagers to adjust in response to specific events or situations. Let's take an example where you are interested in a basketball match between Team A and Team B. You think Team A will prevail, but only if their best player plays. One such strategy is to make a conditional wager, meaning you will back Team A only if the star player is confirmed to participate in the final minutes before kickoff.

Hedge bets

Regardless of the actual outcome, hedging is a risk-averse approach that entails putting bets on various outcomes to lock in a particular level of profit or reduce losses. This tactic works especially well if, after you've placed your first wager, the circumstances or chances have changed in your favor. Hedging, which essentially functions as insurance against your bets, enables a more cautious and methodical approach to profitable sports betting.

Arbitrage betting

Advanced Arbitrage Betting improves the method of speculating on any scenario to ensure a profit. This sophisticated approach raises the bar by emphasizing timing perfection. It takes advantage of particular patterns in the odds-setting practices of several bookmakers. It prudently allocates your betting funds. The strategy's goal is to lock in sports betting winnings by taking advantage of fleeting and minor gaps in the betting market.

Let's take an example where you bet on Team A, your favorite team, with a bookmaker who is renowned for giving good odds on such teams. Another bookmaker publishes unexpectedly high odds for Team B, the underdog, right before the game begins. With haste, you counter-bet with this second bookmaker on Team B. The payout from the first bookmaker pays out on both bets if Team A wins. If Team B wins, the greater odds from the second bookmaker guarantee that you still turn a profit.

Best betting site in India

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Hereby we conclude the article and we hope we have covered all the new techniques that you can use for online betting. You can go through these techniques and get yourself armed for your next betting venture. We have also introduced you to the best online sports betting website in India. Therefore, read the entire article and try out the website that we have mentioned to embark on your betting adventures.