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Updated on January 20th 2024, 8:30:21 am

Top 5 greatest Liverpool managers of all time

Top 5 Greatest Liverpool Managers Ever Ranked! Relive the eras of Bob Paisley, Bill Shankly, Jürgen Klopp & more. Who takes the crown? Find out now!

After his arrival to Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp went on to achieve the impossible by bringing back the glory days to Anfield. Liverpool were a shadow of their former selves before he came, and he then proceeded to work his magic to turn them back into one of the Biggest teams in European football. Klopp went on to develop a team of elite winners, who ended up achieving both domestic and European success with the club. However, all great things have to come to an end. Klopp's first legendary squad has run it's course, and it is truly the end of an era. The upcoming transfer window will be one of the most crucial one's in Liverpool history, as a major rebuild is essential for Klopp to develop his second team of Elite winners. In addition to  Klopp, Anfield has seen several other legendary managers take charge of their club throughout its history.

Which managers are considered the greatest in Liverpool's history?


The top five managers in Liverpool's history are Joe Fagan, Kenny Dalglish, Jürgen Klopp, Bob Paisley, and Bill Shankly. Their contributions range from historic trebles to unprecedented dominance, each leaving an enduring legacy at Anfield.

In this article we will be looking at the top 5 greatest managers in Liverpool history:

1. Bob Paisley

The manager responsible for Liverpool's huge dominance during the 70's and 80's. After 17 years as assistant manager for the Reds, Bob Paisley was finally chosen as the manager of the Liverpool first-team. He went on to manage the club for the next 9 years, in an era of complete domination that saw Liverpool win 6 First Division titles, 3 League Cups, 3 European Cups, one UEFA Cup, one UEFA Super Cup under him. Bob Paisley won a total of 20 titles as Liverpool manager, and established himself as one of the greatest British managers of all time.

2. Joe Fagan

Joe Fagan will forever be one of the most loved figures in the history of the club. He initially joined the Reds as their Reserve team coach, and continued in that role for the next 13 years. The next 8 years saw Fagan promoted as first-team coach, and then he eventually became assistant to then Liverpool coach Paisley for 4 years. It was after a period of more than 2 decades that Joe Fagan finally got a chance to become the manager of Liverpool, his managerial stint with the Reds saw him become the first ever manager of an English club to win a treble as Liverpool won the League Cup, League Championship, and European Cup under him.

3. Kenny Dalglish

One of the greatest individuals in the club's history, who went on to contribute immensely to their success both as a player and manager. As a player, Kenny Dalglish achieved tremendous success with Liverpool as they both won several domestic and European titles together. He eventually became the first ever player-manager in the club's history, and continued his path of success with the Reds in his new role as well. Liverpool ended up winning 3 League titles and 2 FA Cups during his 6 year tenure. Daglish later came back for a 2nd short managerial stint to the club as well, during the 2011-12 season.

4. Jürgen Klopp

Considering what he has done for the club and the miraculous way in which he has transformed them with the resources available to him, placing Jürgen Klopp 3rd in this list was undeniably a tough choice. However, he will still be around Anfield for the years to come and could eventually top this list by the time he leaves the club. Klopp's stint as Liverpool manager has been nothing short of legendary, and he is arguably the reason why Manchester City haven't turned the Premier League into a one-horse race over the years. A major reconstruction is needed for the Reds, and there's no better person to take charge of it than Klopp. 

5. Bill Shankly

Even though Bob Paisley went on to achieve historic success at Liverpool, it was his predecessor Bill Shankly  that laid the foundation for their historic success in the future years. Shankly joined Liverpool at a time when the club were in decline and needed several developments, especially in terms of infrastructure. He managed to turn things around, and went on to rebuild the Reds back to their former glory. His 15 year stint with the club saw them win the Second division and rise back to the top-flight, where they ended up winning the First Division 3 times. While his trophy cabinet for Liverpool might not be as big as Paisley's, the impact Shankly had on Liverpool was much more than such trophies and he is undoubtedly the greatest ever manager in the history of the club.

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