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Updated on October 9th 2022, 5:33:30 am

Top 5 memorable moments of Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was one of the most incredible players in football history. We are talking about a player who virtually won everything a player can win both with his club and his national team. A look at his top 5 memorable moments.

Thierry Henry was one of the most incredible players in football history, he lived during the Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario, and Ronaldinho era but he still could shine above the rest of his peers in most aspects.

Perhaps Thierry Henry wishes that he won the Ballon d’Or at least once, but his collective achievements are far more important because we are talking about a player who virtually won everything a player can win both with his club and his national team.


5. Winning the European Championship with France.


Winning anything with France was something that Thierry Henry always cherished, but he felt more important during the 2000 European Championship after not being such a prominent figure during the World Cup two years earlier. Henry scored a goal in the semifinals against Portugal, something that helped the French reach the final against Italy and eventually win the competition. Thierry Henry established himself as a key player for that French side, he went on to become one of Les Bleus’ greatest symbols after that.

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4. Winning the Premier League at White Hart Lane.


If you go ahead and ask Thierry Henry, one of the things that he enjoyed the most from his incredible time at Arsenal was winning against Tottenham Hotspur. There was something about Derbies that truly fired up Thierry Henry’s belly, which is why you can already imagine how incredible he must have felt after winning the Premier League at the stadium of his preferred victims. The Frenchman is usually very relaxed when it comes to being competitive, but he certainly doesn’t like pulling punches when he reminds all Tottenham fans that they were never able to beat him at his best during his time with the Gunners.

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3. That whole Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ season.


It was obvious that this whole record-breaking season would have Thierry Henry as the central figure, there was simply no Premier League title without the heroics of Thierry Henry throughout the whole 38 matches of the competition.

The Frenchman forged his legend during that unbeaten run that even extended to the next season, which ended against Manchester United at the already famous ‘Battle of the Buffet’. Henry will always remember this achievement as the most important of his Arsenal career, there is no doubt about that.

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2. Being part of Pep Guardiola’s Treble Barcelona.


After becoming a legend at Arsenal, Thierry Henry realized that he wasn’t going to win the Champions League with the Gunners and he needed to make a career-change as soon as possible. His decision was to play at FC Barcelona and he really struggled during the first season, but his life completely changed when Pep Guardiola came to the club and lined him up as one of the three strikers in the legendary Treble-winning squad from the 2008-09 season. Henry’s biggest moment was perhaps when he scored a brace at the Santiago Bernabeu, it happened when FC Barcelona defeated Real Madrid with a scandalous 2-6 result.

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1. Winning the World Cup in 1998.


You can ask Lionel Messi why he is so obsessed with winning the World Cup, even though Thierry Henry experienced this success so early in his career, he knows that winning the competition is the biggest achievement that any football player would want. This will remain as one of the biggest moments in Thierry Henry’s career, that perhaps could never be topped by anything else until we see how he does as a manager.


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