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Updated on July 7th 2023, 6:34:18 pm

Top 10 best races of Fernando Alonso

Check out the top 10 best races of Fernando Alonso. Fernando Alonso is regarded as one of the greatest racing drivers of his generation.

Fernando Alonso is regarded as one of the greatest racing drivers of his generation. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has participated in various racing categories and achieved remarkable success. 

Narrowing down his top 10 races is a challenging task, but here are some of the standout performances that define Alonso's exceptional skill, tenacity, and determination.

1. Hungarian Grand Prix 2003: 

In only his second year in Formula 1 with the Renault team, Alonso showcased his potential by clinching his maiden victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix. It made him the youngest race winner in F1 history at that time.

2. Malaysian Grand Prix 2005: 

Alonso's masterful drive in the rain-soaked Sepang circuit during the 2005 Malaysian Grand Prix is still talked about today. Despite challenging weather conditions, he demonstrated his exceptional car control and tactical brilliance, securing a dominant victory.

3. European Grand Prix 2007: 

Driving for McLaren, Alonso produced a stunning performance at the European Grand Prix in 2007. Starting from fourth on the grid, he showcased his overtaking prowess and emerged victorious in a thrilling race.

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4. Singapore Grand Prix 2008: 

The inaugural night race in Singapore witnessed Alonso's incredible driving skills. Despite starting 15th on the grid, he capitalized on a safety car period and made his way up the field to secure a memorable win.

5. Japanese Grand Prix 2008: 

At the challenging Fuji Speedway, Alonso displayed his wet-weather prowess by navigating treacherous conditions to claim victory in the Japanese Grand Prix. It showcased his ability to extract maximum performance from his machinery under demanding circumstances.

6. European Grand Prix 2012: 

Returning to Renault (later rebranded as Lotus), Alonso demonstrated his sheer resilience and determination during the 2012 European Grand Prix in Valencia. Starting from 11th on the grid, he surged through the field and emerged as the winner in a race marred by multiple incidents.

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7. Spanish Grand Prix 2013: 

Competing in front of his home crowd, Alonso showcased his exceptional racecraft at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix. Despite being in an inferior car, he fought tooth and nail, securing a second-place finish and thrilling the spectators with his tenacity.

8. Chinese Grand Prix 2013:

Alonso's superb performance in the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix demonstrated his tactical brilliance. By making the most of tire strategies and showing his overtaking skills, he claimed a resounding victory, solidifying his status as one of the top drivers of the era.

9. Hungarian Grand Prix 2014: 

In a challenging season for Ferrari, Alonso showcased his prowess by finishing on the podium at the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix. Despite driving a car that was not the quickest, he managed to secure a well-deserved second-place finish, showcasing his exceptional racecraft.

10. Le Mans 24 Hours 2018: 

Alonso's foray into endurance racing yielded remarkable success. Partnering with Toyota Gazoo Racing, he triumphed in the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours in 2018. It marked his first victory in the iconic endurance race and further solidified his versatility as a driver.

These races represent just a glimpse of Fernando Alonso's remarkable career, which spans various racing categories and showcases his exceptional talent and determination. Throughout his journey, Alonso has left an indelible mark on motorsport, etching his name among the all-time greats of the sport.

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