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Updated on September 10th 2022, 3:43:44 pm

Top 5 Best Performances of Margaret Court

Top 5 Best Performances of Margaret Court

Margaret Court has won 24 Singles Grand Slam titles and along with it she has also won 19 Women’s Doubles Grand Slam titles and 21 Mixed Doubles Grand Slam titles. Check out her top 5 best performances.

After doing so many best performances of great tennis players, now is the time that we talk about the winningest player in the history of tennis and someone who has won the most number of Grand Slam titles be it male or female and no one yet has been able to touch her. She is the greatest of her era and one of the best of all time. We are talking about none other than Margaret Court and she even has an arena named after her at the Australian Open. She has won 24 singles Grand Slam titles which is 1 more than the recently retired Serena Williams.

Her career records are unbelievable as she started playing as a professional in 1960 and she played till 1977 and in 17 years she changed the course of tennis. She has won 24 Singles Grand Slam titles and along with it she has also won 19 Women’s Doubles Grand Slam titles and 21 Mixed Doubles Grand Slam titles which means a total of 64 staggering Majors in total. She was ranked number 1 in the world in 1962. So, let’s see the Top 5 Best Performances of this all time great.

1969 Australian Open Final vs Billie Jean King

When two of the best meet in a Grand Slam final it’s always going to be one special match and this match between these 2 in 1969 was special for Margaret Court as she dominated her opponent in style and won her first Grand Slam of the Open Era. This was a match where Margaret Court won the first set by 6-4 and here Billie Jean King gave her a fight but in the second set it was easy for Court as she destroyed her opponent and won the second set 6-1 to win the title in front of her home fans.

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1969 French Open Final vs Ann Jones

After winning the Australian Open she was in the final of the French Open and here she was facing Ann Jones from USA and this was a 3 set thriller and Margaret Court was tested in this match and she won the 1st set 6-1 but Ann Jones came back in the second set and Court lost the set 4-6 but in the decider she stepped up her game and showed why she is the best in the world and won the Third set 6-1 and along with it the French Open title as well. It was shaping up to be a special year for Margaret Court.

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1970 US Open Final vs Rosie Casals

For the third performance on this list we will be talking about the 1970 US Open Final where yet again Margaret Court was challenged by her opponent and this match went to 3 sets as well. The fans were loving it and Court won the first set 6-2 but lost the second by the same margin 2-6 but she showed her comeback ability and ran over Rosie Casals and won the decider 6-1 to win the US Open title and she was cementing herself as the greatest of all time.

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1970 Wimbledon Final vs Billie Jean King

This was a 2 set match but it was 2 of the most thrilling sets of tennis ever and both these great players showed that they will not give each other an inch. The first set was an all timer as it went till 14-12 and Margaret Court just got the better of her opponent but the match was not over by any stretch but in the second set it was the same as Billie Jean King took it close but in the end it was Margaret Court won the second set 11-9 and won her 3rd and final Wimbledon title. It was a special match that fans enjoyed every minute of.

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1971 Australian Open Final vs Evonne Goolagong

The fifth performance on this list is perhaps the best Grand Slam final of her career and it was Australia vs Australia in the Australian Open. Both these ladies had made Australia proud so many times but now was the time to see who was better. Margaret Court lost the first set by 2-6 and it looked like Evonne Goolagong would win but Court never knew how to give up. She took the second set to a tie break at 6-6 and won the tie break to make it 1 set all going into the third and here also it was so competitive and the Australian fans were enjoying seeing two of their best going at it. It went till 7-5 and Margaret Court won the match and the title.

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