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Updated on January 18th 2023, 5:51:06 pm

Serena Williams vs Venus Williams Rivalry | Head to Head Comparison

Know here about Serena Williams vs Venus Williams Rivalry. Serena Williams and Venus Williams have gone against each other a whopping 31 times in competitive tennis.

The Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova Rivalry was great for female Tennis around the world but the Rivalry and the team that truly put women’s tennis on their backs were the Williams sisters including both Serena and Venus Williams. Tennis fans who do not follow the sport regularly may not know but these two sisters are great rivals as well on the tennis court. They have pushed each other to the limit and have made each other much better players as a result and looking at them so many young female tennis players have come through.

Serena Williams and Venus Williams have gone against each other a whopping 31 times in competitive tennis and the head to head is not that one sided with Serena Williams winning 19 Matches and Venus Williams winning 12 Matches. They have been going at it for over 15 years and now that both have retired they can reap all the rewards. So, let’s celebrate this rivalry between sisters.

Serena Williams vs Venus Williams Head to Head in Grand Slams

Out of the 31 Matches they have played against each other 16 have been at Grand Slams. That means more than 50% of the time they have faced each other have been at the biggest Tennis tournaments. The Head to Head record in Grand Slams favors Serena Williams as she has won 11 out of the 16 matches they have played against each other. They played each other at the 2000 Wimbledon Semi Final where Venus Williams won the match. Then they had a string of finals starting from the 2001 US Open where Venus win again but after that Serena Williams took over as she won the 2002 French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open back to back in the same year. In 2003 they met again at the Australian Open and Wimbledon Final where again Serena Williams won so that means 5 back to back Grand Slam Finals win for Serena. Their last Grand Slam Final meeting was the 2017 Australian Open where Serena Williams won again.

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Serena Williams vs Venus Williams Other Head to Head

They also played 15 other Matches that were not a part of any Grand Slam and those Matches were also extremely competitive and they brought out the best in each other all the time and both of them wanted to win every match. They played 3 times at the WTA Tour Championships Final and they also played in WTA 1000 events and they played against each other for more than 20 years and tennis fans did not complain one bit. The Head to Head in matches outside Grand Slams is Serena Williams won 8 matches and Venus Williams won 7 Matches so it’s even.

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This is an illustration of the head to head:


Serena Williams 

Venus Williams 

Grand Slam



WTA Tour Championships 



WTA Tier 1 or WTA 1000



WTA Tier 2 or WTA 500



WTA Tier 3 or WTA 250



Grand Slam Cup







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