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Updated on July 3rd 2022, 5:37:37 am

Top 5 Best Performances of Andy Murray

Andy Murray has won 3 Grand Slam titles and 2 Olympic Gold Medals in his career. Andy Murray turned pro in 2005. In this article, check out his top 5 best performances.

After talking about the Big 3 of tennis and a few other great male tennis players it’s now time to talk about probably the best Tennis players to come out of England and that is Andy Murray and at one time he was being considered the fourth one alongside the other 3 of male tennis. Andy Murray has won 3 Grand Slam titles and 2 Olympic Gold Medals in his career and even now he is competing at this year’s Wimbledon and will try to give a good account of himself. We will talk about his records below.

Andy Murray turned pro in 2005 and since then has been entertaining the global fans and he has a great Singles record with 707 wins and 223 losses till now which gives him a win % of 76% . He has won 46 career titles and he was ranked number 1 in the world in November 2016 when he was at his best. Let’s look at his Top 5 Best Performances.

2012 Olympic Gold Medal Match vs Roger Federer

The first incredible performance that we will talk about is the 2012 Gold Medal that he won against his great Rival Roger Federer and he won all the first 3 sets of the match to win it in style and the Gold Medal for Great Britain. He won the 3 sets by 6-2,6-1 and 6-4 and Andy Murray has announced his arrival to tennis in a Grand way and this was only the first step towards greatness.

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2012 US Open Final vs Novak Djokovic

This was one of the hardest titles that Andy Murray has won in his career because his opponent and the lengths that Andy had to go through to win his first Grand Slam was tremendous. It was a 5 set thriller where Andy Murray won the first set after a tiebreaker 7-6 and then he won the 2nd set as well 7-5 but then Novak Djokovic came back in the match to win the next 2 sets  and it was all down to the 5tb and final set and here Andy Murray showed more in the tank and won this set 6-3 and the US Open title in a 4 and a half hour Titanic clash.

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2013 Wimbledon Final vs Novak Djokovic

Again in another Grand Slam final it was Andy Murray vs Novak Djokovic and this time it was in the hometown of Andy Murray and he was the crowd favorite and Andy did not disappoint his home fans. He won this match in 3 sets and was dominant in doing so against one of the greatest. He won by 6-4,7-5 and 6-4 and thus won his 2nd Grand Slam title. It felt really special for Andy Murray to win in front of his home fans.

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2016 Olympic Gold Medal Match vs Juan Martin Del Potro

Andy Murray was in his second back to back Olympic final and this time it was against a very game Del Potro of Argentina who had beaten Novak Djokovic to come here. This match was a 4 set thrilling match and Andy Murray won the 1st set 7-5 but lost the second set 4-6 However he came back to win the next 2 sets by 6-2 and 7-4 to win his 2nd successive Olympic Gold Medal in Tennis. It was an incredible performance from a special player.

2016 Wimbledon Final vs Milos Raonic

This was a 3 set final win for Andy Murray but it was anything but an easy win as his opponent Milos Raonic took him to the absolute limit in this match. Andy Murray was again the crowd favorite and he won the 1st set comfortably 6-4 but the next 2 sets was a tug of war between the 2 and both of them went to a tie break at 6-6 and both times it was Andy Murray who used all his experience to win the match and his 3rd overall Grand Slam title. Since then he has been waiting to win another title and hopefully it comes this year.

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