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Updated on July 11th 2022, 3:24:51 am

Top 5 Best Performances of Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg is one of the greatest tennis players of his time. Bjorn Borg has won 11 Grand Slam titles in his illustrious career. A look at his top 5 best performances.

Bjorn Borg is one of the greatest tennis players of his time and he has inspired a lot of young players to pick up the tennis racket as a lot of young aspiring players saw him as their role model. Bjorn Borg played in 2 phases in his tennis career , First was from 1973 till 1984 and then after 7 years he came back in 1991 to compete for another 3 years till 1994. He was 5ft 11 inches meaning he was one of the shorter players in the circuit. We will talk about his career records below.

Bjorn Borg has won 11 Grand Slam titles in his illustrious career but those have come only in the French Open and Wimbledon in which there are 6 French Open titles and 5 Wimbledon Titles and he was not able to win the Australian Open and US Open in his career. His win loss record was 654 wins and 140 losses which gives him a win % of 82%. His career prize money is $3,655,751. Let’s look at the Top 5 Best Performances of his career.

1974 French Open Final vs Manuel Orantes

The first Grand Slam title for Bjorn Borg came just after a year he turned pro and it came at the 1974 French Open where he had to toil hard over 5 sets to win his first Grand Slam. The match was over 4 hours and he lost the first 2 sets by 2-6 and a close second set by 6-7 and all looked lost but then the way he came back in the next 3 sets showed his true character and his fighting spirit. He won the third set 6-0 then went on to win the last 2 sets by 6-1 and 6-1 thus winning his first ever Grand Slam title. It was a show of courage and incredible skill.

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1976 Wimbledon Final vs Ilie Nastase

This was the first Wimbledon title he had won in his career and it came in 1976 and it was a comfortable win over 3 sets but those 3 sets the fans saw a good match and Bjorn Borg won the 1st set 6-4 and then in the second set je dominated more by winning it 6-2 and then in the third set he won by 9-7 and thus winning his maiden title in England. This was very special to him as he wanted to win another Slam other than the French Open and in 1976 he did that.

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1979 French Open Final vs Victor Pecci Sr

This was one of the best performances by Bjorn Borg in a Grand Slam final as he was in a fight over 4 sets where he won the first 2 sets 6-3 and 6-1 and then his opponent Victor won the 3rd set in a tie breaker by 7-6 and the match got Interesting but Borg was calm and he proceeded to win the 4th set 6-4 and thus winning his 4th French Open title and this time he had to work hard and it was not a comfortable 3 set win that's why it’s in this list. He was the king of clay before Rafael Nadal came on the scene.

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1977 Wimbledon Final vs Jimmy Connors

The 1977 Wimbledon Final was between 2 of the best in the world and it was a 5 setter where both players were at their best and the winners were the crowd who had come to watch it. This was one of the toughest challenges in the career of Bjorn Borg. He lost the first set by 3-6 but then like he always does he came back in the match to win the next 2 sets 6-2 and 6-1 but Jimmy Connors was not going to have over the title si easily as he came back to win the 4th set by 7-5 and it was everything to play for in the 5th and final set and the excitement was palpable. Bjorn Borg showed why he is a class player as he soaked up the pressure and won the 5th set by 6-4 winning this epic 4 hour plus match .

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1980 Wimbledon Final vs John McEnroe

This is the 5th and last performance that is on this list and this one is a classic for the ages. It was the 2 most popular players and the 2 best at that tw going head to head to be crowned Wimbledon champion. This was a 5 setter as well and one that the fans would not forget so easily. John McEnroe won the first set easily by 6-1 but then Bjorn Borg came back in the match to win the next 2 sets 7-5 and 6-3 and the advantage was in his favor but John was not one to back down from a fight as he won the 4th set in a tie break by 7-6 and then in the last set Bjorn Borg had just a little bit more as he won the decider by 8-6 and thus winning the 1980 Wimbledon title.

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