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Updated on July 2nd 2022, 4:12:18 am

Top 5 Best Performances of Maria Sharapova

Top 5 Best Performances of Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova turned pro in 2001. She was a multi time Grand Slam Champion and has won all the 4 Grand Slam titles. Here we take a look at the top 5 best performances of Maria Sharapova.

We have done a few best performance articles about great tennis players but the one we are about to do today is about a player who I think is one of the most popular tennis players of the last 20 years and all the fans loved her immensely and she was a multi time Grand Slam Champion and has won all the 4 Grand Slam titles once meaning she is one of the few female players to have the career Slam.

Maria Sharapova turned pro in 2001 which means she has been active for 21 years although she has not played much in the last 4-5 years and she was also ranked number 1 in the world for 21 weeks . Her career record is 645 wins and 171 losses which gives her a win % of 79% and she has won a total of 36 singles career titles. So, let’s see which are the Top 5 Best Performances of Maria Sharapova.

2004 Wimbledon Final vs Serena Williams

The first performance that we will talk about is her 1st Grand Slam title which she won at the 2004 Wimbledon Final against her greatest rival in Serena Williams and she absolutely dominated the American in this match and showed to the world why she is a serious player. She won the final in 2 sets by 6-1 and 6-4 and she had won her 1st Grand Slam title which was the first of many for the Russian.

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2006 US Open Final vs Justine Henin Hardenne

Her second Grand Slam title came 2 years later at the US Open in 2006 where she was facing Justine and here also she finished the match in 2 sets. She had to wait 2 years for her second Grand Slam but it was worth the wait as it came to American soil and she again showed to the people who thought she was a one time lucky player that she is one of the greats and from here her popularity grew.

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2008 Australian Open Final vs Ana Ivanovic

Yet again she had to wait almost 18 months for her 3rd Grand Slam title and this time it was the Australian team and her 3rd different Grand Slam title and she showed here that she is an all-court player and can Adapt to any conditions. Her and Ana had a great 1st set where Maria won 7-5 but in the second set Maria Sharapova had it easy as she won 6-3 and she yet again became popular to the people in Australia and all around the world and an icon of global tennis.

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2012 French Open Final vs Sara Errani

After winning the other 3 Grand Slam titles Maria Sharapova had to wait 4 long years to win her 4th Grand Slam title and this time she completed the set by winning the French Open In 2012 against her opponent Sara Errani and here as well she only took 2 sets to win the title. She won the match 6-3 and 6-3 in dominant fashion and although she had won only 4 Grand Slam titles but she was one of the rarest that all 4 had come in the different slams and she had completed a career Slam which people who win more Grand Slam titles than her are unable to do.

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2014 French Open Final vs Simona Halep

Out of the 5 Grand Slam titles Maria Sharapova has won this was the best match out of all of them as this went to 3 sets and it was a thriller ru right till the end. It was a gruelling match over 1 hours 30 minutes and Maria Sharapova won the 1st set 6-4 abs Simona Halep made a stunning comeback in the 2nd set and after a tie breaker won the second set 7-6 but Maria Sharapova used all her experience in the 3rd set and won the decider by 6-4 and her 5th Grand Slam title abs her last till now. Both of them were exhausted after the match and Maria Sharapova became a bigger legend than she had ever been in her career and life.

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