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Updated on November 26th 2023, 7:24:28 am

Greatest Boxers of all time

Greatest Boxers of all time

In this article, we discuss the top 5 greatest boxers of all time. Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world and there have been hundreds of legendary Boxers in history.

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world and it has been going on for decades upon decades. Boxing is one of the most physical sports as well and the risk of injury is high but the reward is maximum. Boxing was made more famous not by the sport but a series of movies which was known as the Rocky franchise. That movie series was so good that it made people take interest in boxing as a sport.

There have been hundreds of legendary Boxers in history and to narrow it down to 5 will be extremely difficult but it will be fun so let’s look at the list of greatest boxers of all time:

1) Muhammad Ali

There is no doubt that Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all time and even all the Boxers who came after him looked upto him for inspiration. Muhammad Ali won the 1960 Gold Medal at the Olympics and then he decided to pursue professional boxing. This decision would change his life forever as by 1964 he was the World Champion. His series of bouts against Joe Frazier is still regarded as the greatest trilogy of all time. Muhammad Ali was a heavyweight but he was very agile and fast and his skills were second to none. He had an incredible boxing record of 56 wins and 5 losses in his career.

2) Sugar Ray Robinson

If there was no Mohammad Ali then Sugar Ray Robinson would have been the greatest of all time because his record is better than everybody else. He was a boxer who had a Career spanning 40 years which would be the cumulative career of 4 Boxers combined. He was a sensation in the 1930s and 1940s. He had a mind boggling record of 175 wins which will be the cumulative of so many Boxers combined and he had 19 losses. 106 of his wins were by KO. He never allowed his opponent to be in the match with him.

3) Joe Louis

At number 3 is a boxer who has held the record of having the most title defenses with 25. He started boxing at 20 and he was 27-0 at the start in which 23 were Knockouts. He was a beast in the boxing ring. He won the World Championship in 1937 and for the next 13 years he was the face of the boxing world. He was a boxer who had a strong in ring presence and a strong mind. His record is also absolutely incredible at 68 wins and just 3 losses and 54 out of them were Knockouts. Joe Louis was a feared boxer.

4) Mike Tyson

There is no sports fan who does not know who.”Iron” Mike Tyson is. Mike Tyson is the deadliest boxer of all time and he was someone who was feared by all his opponents that he would literally knock them out. He started boxing at 18 years old and he was also the youngest World Heavyweight Champion. He then went on to become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion when he won the WBA and the IBF World Championships. His punch is still the deadliest punch in history and he has a record of 50 wins and 6 losses. 44 of his wins were by KO meaning nearly 90% of his wins.

5) Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather is this generation’s greatest of all time and he is the only boxer on this list to have a perfect record. He was not the biggest nor the strongest but he was the smartest In the ring. He, just like his hero Mohammad Ali won the Olympic Gold Medal and then went on to become the World Champion. Floyd Mayweather changed weight classes and in each weight category he became the champion. Floyd Mayweather had much taller opponents and opponents with wider reach but still he used to dominate them because he was smart. Floyd Mayweather has a truly sensational record of 50 wins and 0 losses. 27 of his wins are via knockout.