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Updated on July 17th 2022, 11:09:49 am

Aleem Dar Profile, Career and Stats

Aleem Dar has been umpiring since 2000 and Aleem Dar is the best Umpire to ever come out of Pakistan and he is still going strong in 2022. A look at Aleem Dar Profile Career and Stats.

Aleem Dar is one of the greatest Umpires to ever officiate a game of cricket and he has the record of umpiring the most number of tests and ODIs out of anybody in history and he has been umpiring since 2000 and Aleem Dar is the best Umpire to ever come out of Pakistan and he is still going strong in 2022 and it looks like he won’t be stopping anytime soon. Aleem Dar is one umpire that a lot of players trust to give the correct decision most of the time and he has officiated the biggest of matches at the World stage.

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As an Asian it’s very nice seeing an elite umpire from our part of the world that is wanted by the ICC for the most important Matches and I truly hope that one Indian umpire can also reach the heights that the great Aleem Dar has got in his career. To officiate 140 tests and counting and 216 ODIs and counting is a staggering achievement. So, let’s see the Profile Career and Stats of Aleem Dar.


The full name of Aleem Dar is Aleem Sarwar Dar and he was born on 6th June 1968 in Jhang which is in Punjab Pakistan. Aleem Dar. Aleem Dar wanted to become a cricketer and play for Pakistan and before becoming an umpire he played first class cricket in Pakistan from 1987 till 1997 and List A cricket from 1986 till 1998. Aleem Dar was a capable batter and a handy boujee as well but in 1998 he decided that he should pursue umpiring and from that point he has never looked back. He played domestic cricket for the Pakistan Railways, Lahore City, Allied Bank Limited and Gujranwala during his 12 year career. Let’s his Umpiring career.

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Aleem Dar started as an international Umpire in the year 2000 in an ODI match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka at Gujranwala and in 2002 he became a member of the ICC international panel of Umpires and has gone upwards since. He was also chosen to Umpire at the 2003 ICC cricket World Cup as well. In 2004 Aleem Dar became the first Pakistani to become a member of the ICC elite panel of Umpires. Aleem Dar has officiated a lot of big ICC tournament finals namely the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy then the 2007 ICC World Cup final and then the 2010 ICC World T20 in 2010. He also officiated the 2011 Cricket World Cup final then the 2015 and 2019 World Cup tournaments as well. Aleem Dar has also officiated Ashes test matches between Australia and England and all 5 of them. And now he is the elite Umpire and a mentor to all the young umpires who seek guidance from him. Let’s look at his umpiring stats.

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Umpiring Stats


First Match as an Umpire 

Most Recent Match as an Umpire 

Total Matches as an Umpire till now 

Test Cricket 

Bangladesh vs England at Dhaka - 2003

England vs India at Edgbaston - 2022

140 and counting 


Pakistan vs Sri Lanka at Gajranwala - 2000

Pakistan vs West Indies at Multan- 2022

216 and counting 


Australia vs Pakistan at Dubai - 2009

Pakistan vs Australia at Lahore - 2022

61 and counting 


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