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Updated on November 26th 2023, 6:28:12 pm

Shoaib Akhtar’s Fastest Ball | Fastest ball in the history of Cricket

What is Shoaib Akhtar's fastest ball? Shoaib Akhtar bowled the Fastest ball in the history of Cricket. It was at 161.3 km/hr. 161 kilometers per hour or 100.2 miles per hour.

Before the fastest ball of Shoaib Akhtar is talked about, it would be right to talk about the legendary Career of Shoaib Akhtar and how he instilled fear in the best of batters who played international cricket. Pace is something that cannot be taught, it is something that is there in a bowler or it is not there. Shoaib Akhtar had it in spades. He was the fastest Bowler in history. He played 46 Test Matches for Pakistan and in those Matches he took 178 Wickets at a very good average of 25.70. He also picked 12 Five Wicket Hauls in Test Cricket. He also played 163 ODIs for Pakistan and he took 247 Wickets at an average of 24.98. Shoaib Akhtar has taken more than 400 international wickets.

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Let’s talk about the fastest ball that Shoaib Akhtar Bowled in his cricket Career

A 161.3 km/hr monster

The year was 2003 and it was the 2003 Cricket World Cup so Shoaib Akhtar picked the biggest stage in cricket to bowl the fastest ball in international cricket history. This was a ball that was Bowled in a match against England and the batter was Nick Knight. Shoaib Akhtar was in his run up and he usually bowled from outside the 30 yard circle. He started his run up and as soon as he bowled that ball, it just flew off the surface and Nick Knight had no idea what had happened. The speed meter was checked and it flashed something that was hard to believe. It showed that Shoaib Akhtar had bowled a fall that was at 161.3 km/hr. 161 kilometers per hour or 100.2 miles per hour. Shoaib Akhtar was stunned himself when he saw the stat and he knew he had done something that will be talked about forever.

He picked the important World Cup Match against England and he became the Rawalpindi Express from this day and it is something that has carried with him even now after retiring for so many years. After him there have been more fast bowlers who have Bowled 160 km/hr plus but he still has the lead. The closest was Shaun Tait who Bowled a 161.1 km/hr and that too was against England in 2012. Nick Knight is on commentary and he recollects his memories of that ball by Shoaib Akhtar. This record has stood strong for 20 years and it would take a very special effort to get past the Rawalpindi Express.

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