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Updated on March 29th 2024, 4:22:11 am

NFL Records That Could Be Broken in 2024

Even with a few months left before the new NFL season starts, Will any legendary NFL records be broken along the way to New Orleans?

Even with a few months left before the new NFL season starts, the teams are gearing up for another campaign with their game plans for the campaign ahead, with the dream of going to Caesars Superdome to play for the Super Bowl spoils and the betting sites are already in full swing with various markets. Will any legendary NFL records be broken along the way to New Orleans?

Most Consecutive Super Bowl Appearances and Wins

The Kansas City Chiefs have been among the best teams in the NFL in recent years. This generation will sit alongside other great dynasties, like the Green Bay Packers of old and Tom Brady’s incredible New England Patriots. All of them won many Super Bowl trophies, but none have won it thrice.

Patrick Mahomes and company see that as a challenge. Having won the 2022 and 2023 seasons, they’ve done the groundwork for a three-peat. Given that the team has little to no weaknesses, they’ll definitely be in the conversation for another Lombardi trophy. The Pats famously played in three straight Super Bowl games between 2016 and 2018. Could the Chiefs match this record and do one better by winning them all?

Most Games for a Tight-End

Tight-end players used to get little recognition but are now seemingly one of the most popular positions on the pitch. No thanks to Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce at all? Irrespective of pop star relations, Marcedes Lewis, the current Chicago Bears tight-end, is standing on the verge of a record for all-time appearances for that position. He currently has 268 NFL games under his belt, 13 shy of Trey Junkin’s record of 281 games. If he competes in every game, he’ll surely eclipse the record.

Another Big Comeback?

Week 15 of the 2022 season saw the all-time comeback record broken by a single point after the prior record had stood for 30 years! The Indianapolis Colts had racked up a 33-point advantage (33-0 at one point) when the Minnesota Vikings casually started the all-time most incredible NFL comeback, winning 39-36 in overtime. Given that the prior 32-point comeback haul stood since 1992, this might be on record that NFL fans will have to wait a bit longer to see it broken again.

Could Peyton’s 55 Touchdown Count Be in Jeopardy

Peyton Manning is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. Even if you’re firmly in the Mahomes or Brady camp, the fact that Manning won the most TDs award four times means you must respect his achievements. None are more prominent than his 55 touchdown season in 2013. He played 16 games that season as he helped the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl; without him, however, there would have been no success. While it would be difficult to foresee who could get close to this record, there are a few candidates. Raheem Mostert and Christian McCaffrey tied each other with 21 TDs, while Lamar Jackson was named the 2023 NFL MVP, who also had a stellar season. Mahomes should still be in the conversation, too. If any of those four players start well and keep the TDs coming all season, then in theory, they could beat the 55 mark, but it will take hard work. To exceed the record, a quarterback must score over 3.23 TDs per game (across all 17 regular season fixtures), which isn’t easy.

Reid’s Win Percent Gains

It’s easy to pinpoint Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and even Taylor Swift as the reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs are so good, but Andy Reid is an often unsung hero. The larger-than-life head coach with a recognizable mustache has already set many coaching records with his three Super Bowl championships and foreign sports betting sites are already listing the Chiefs as favorites to go for the three-peat.

He has a staggering .641 win percentage from his established and tenured career with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chiefs. That puts him as the fourth most successful head coach (by the win percentage measurement) in the entirety of the NFL. The only three men above him in this standing are Don Shula, George Halas and Bill Belichick. Since the latter has now left the New England Patriots and seemingly retired, Reid could end up eclipsing Belichick’s .647 win percentage. He needs only to win more games over time and he’ll end up with a better record. Catching the other two is possible but much more challenging as they didn’t lose many games.

Tomlin to Become Most Successful Steelers Head Coach

Mike Tomlin has ingrained himself into the fabric of the Acrisure Stadium, having worked as the head coach at the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2007. He’s won 173 games as the boss and is on course to overtake the record for a Steelers manager within the next season or two. Chuck Noll holds the most wins for a Pittsburgh boss, with 193. If Tomlin can take his team to the Super Bowl, he might even eclipse the record this season!