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Updated on October 27th 2023, 5:28:23 am

Top 5 Best Bowling Performances of Nathan Bracken

Top 5 Best Bowling Performances of Nathan Bracken

Check out the best bowling performances of Nathan Bracken. He has played 116 ODIs and taken 174 wickets at an average of 24.37. He has 2 Five Wicket Hauls in his ODI career.

Nathan Bracken is one of the most underrated left arm fast bowlers that Australia has seen in recent times. He was a fast bowler that did very well in ODIs but was unable to make a mark in test cricket. Nathan Bracken has won a few ODI Matches for Australia when he was at his peak. He has played just 5 Test Matches in his career and has taken 12 wickets. He has played 116 ODIs and taken 174 wickets at an average of 24.37. He has 2 Five Wicket Hauls in his ODI career.

Let’s look at the Top 5 Best Bowling Performances of Nathan Bracken

1) 5/67 vs South Africa (2006)

This bowling performance came in one of the greatest ODI Matches of all time. It was the match where Australia scored 434 and then in reply South Africa made 438 which is still the highest case in ODI cricket history. Nathan Bracken was the best bowler of the match as he got his first 5 Wicket Haul in this match as he gave away 67 runs in 10 overs and took 5 wickets. He gave away 6.7 runs per over in a match of almost 9 runs per over.

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2) 5/47 vs Sri Lanka (2007)

This was the second 5 wicket haul in the ODI career of Nathan Bracken. This was in an ODI vs Sri Lanka and in this match Sri Lanka needed 254 to win and Nathan Bracken bowled the best spell of his career as in just 8 3 overs he gave away 47 runs and he took 5 Wickets for his country. He was devastating and as a result Australia won this match by a whopping 128 runs which was a big win in a match of 254 runs.

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3) 4/31 vs West Indies (2008)

This was another 4 wicket haul by Nathan Bracken and this was against West Indies. In this match Nathan Bracken only Bowled 5.5 overs and he absolutely decimated the West Indies batting line-up. He gave away 31 runs and he took 4 important wickets. Australia won this match by 84 runs. Nathan Bracken was in a purple patch.

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4) 4/29 vs India (2003)

His next 4 Wickets haul was against India and it was in 2003 when Australia were the best team in the world. He delivered this performance while in India and he bowled 10 overs in this match and he only gave away 29 runs at 2.9 runs per over. Australia made 286 runs batting first in this match and Nathan Bracken helped restrict India to 209 and Australia won the match by 77 runs.

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5) 4/30 vs Sri Lanka (2006)

The 5th performance in this list is another incredible performance against Sri Lanka. He has a lot of his best bowling performances against Sri Lanka and this was one of the best. Australia batted first and they made a mammoth 368 runs in the first innings. While chasing Sri Lanka were not able to get into any sort of momentum as Nathan Bracken took all the wickets in just 6 overs at 5 runs per over. Australia won this match by an amazing 167 runs.

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