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Updated on February 24th 2022, 6:27:44 am

Top 5 Best Innings of Don Bradman

Top 5 Best Innings of Don Bradman

Here we take a look at the top 5 best innings of Don Bradman. For Don Bradman it’s really difficult to pick the top 5 of his innings, the man who turned cricket into the second most popular sport in the world way back in the 1930s.

This is a really fun article to write as it is about the man who turned cricket into the second most popular sport in the world way back in the 1930s and the 1940s and without this man cricket would not be where it is today and countless batting legends in the generations after looked up to this man as their idol. We are talking about none other than the Greatest of All Time Sir Don Bradman and in this article we will look at 5 of his best innings which is like the toughest thing in cricket but we will do our best.

We realize that the 5 innings which we will choose may not be agreeable to all cricket fans but that’s the fun part of it all as everyone will have 1 or 2 innings which are different from the others and keeping that in mind let’s try and see which are the 5 best innings of the Greatest ever to do it.

254 vs England at Lord’s (1930)

This innings by the Don is considered among one of his very best and before the start of this Ashes series in 1930, England were very confident because they had won the last test series against the Aussies and they had won the first test match of this series as well. And above that while batting in the first innings of this test match England scored a good score of 425 which was bettered by the Aussies easily and the main reason for this was the Don who smashed the great English bowling attack with ease and he went on to make a massive score of 254 from just 376 balls which included 25 fours and it was an exhibition of batsmanship from the best and everyone was watching in awe and Australia won that test match to make it 1-1 in the series.

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334 vs England at Headingley (1930)

This was the match after the one where he made the massive 254 runs and wowed the world and Australia were confident going into this test match and then came the batting of Australia and no other batter could cross 77 but it was yet again the GOAT that stepped up for the Aussies and played an even better innings than the one he played in the previous test match. Here , he was just toying with the bowling attack and here he hit 46 fours and left no corner of the ground unattended and went on to play one of the greatest test match innings of all time resulting in him scoring a triple hundred and making the highest score by an Aussie at that time and it would be the Don’s first of two triple Hundreds and the world knew that there will never be anyone like him.

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232 vs England at The Oval (1930)

It was the fifth match of that series vs England that saw two incredible innings already from the Don but he was not finished for this series as one final onslaught was left for the last test match at The Oval with the series tied at 1-1, England batted well again first and then came to bat Australia and Don Bradman and he absolutely destroyed the hopeless England bowling who were tired of being smashed by him now and he made his third score in excess of 200 and with the help of 16 fours he hit 232 runs and helped Australia win the series as well.

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167 vs South Africa at MCG (1931-32)

This time the opponents were different but the result was the same, the genius of Don Bradman at display again and this time it was at a very critical time for Australia as they looked like they were going to lose this test match on a tough MCG pitch and in the second innings everything changed as the Don played an ODI like innings well before the format came into existence when he made 167 from just 183 balls and helped Australia pull off a memorable win against the South Africa team.

299* vs South Africa at Adelaide (1931-32)

It was the same series against South Africa and this was as good an innings as the 167 he made in one of the previous test matches. South Africa made 308 in the first innings and then came out Australia to bat and no other batter could cross 35 and the Don just kept on batting and he was batting on 299* when the last wicket fell and he just fell short of his third triple hundred. What an unbelievable player he was and no doubt till today we have not seen anyone like him and the closest is Sachin Tendulkar from India.

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