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Updated on April 19th 2022, 3:34:20 pm

Top 5 Best Allan Border innings

Take a look at the top 5 best Allan Border innings. He was one of the best batters of his time who has scored more than 11000 test runs and more than 6500 ODI runs.

After doing a few articles on the Australian legends it is now time to talk about one of the most influential cricketers of Australian cricket history and a captain who gave Australia some of its most dominant years in international cricket and on top of that he was one of the best batters of his time and he has scored more than 11009 test runs which only a select few and ones you can count in your fingers have got more runs than him. So, we are talking about an all time legend here.

When we are talking about one of the absolute greatest of the game and someone who has scored more than 11000 test runs and more than 6500 ODI runs there is bound to be a ton of memorable innings played by him but we can only select 5. Please don’t come to us if you feel like we missed an innings out because there are so many that a few will be left out. So, let’s look at the 5 best batting Performances of Allan Border.

205 vs New Zealand (1987)

One of the very best innings in the incredible career of Allan Border was this double hundred that he scored against New Zealand in 1987. He was in his element that day and no New Zealand bowler could get him out and he just went on his business and scored runs and took time which drained out the bowlers. It was left handed batting at its finest and in this innings he hit 20 fours and destroyed the confidence of the New Zealand bowling attack which had Richard Hadlee in it. Australia fans remember this innings even today.

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200* vs England (1993)

The tradition of England getting a mention in the best performances by Australia players continues with the great Allan Border as well and this time this double hundred came when he came out to bat at number 6 in this test match and he owned that spot as well like he does the other batting positions showing how adaptable he was as a cricketer and he took apart the England bowling and helped Australia score a mammoth 657 runs in the first innings. He hit 26 hours in this innings which means he liked smashing England like all his teammates.

163 vs India

After England it looks like India was the favorite opponent for Australia to perform well against and this time Allan Border played one of his most special innings in his career in the second innings of this test match at MCG in 1985. The first innings of both the teams were almost identical si it was important for Australia to post a good s ire in the second innings and that’s where Allan Border came in at number 3 and built his innings and batted for hours this frustrating the Indian bowlers and hit 16 fours for his 163 runs. The match was drawn but this innings was special for Allan Border personally as well.

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150* and 153 vs Pakistan (1980)

This test match was what you call a dream test match for any cricketer abs and he scored a total of 303 runs in this test match with 150* in the first innings and 153 in the second innings. We will focus on both the innings because they were equally important. In the first innings he was the only batter who got to the three figures mark abs helped Australia Post a good total of over 400 in the first innings but Pakistan matched that total in their first innings so it was important for Australia to bat Pakistan out of the match and once again the man who could do no wrong in this Test match stepped up for Australia and hit 153 runs in just 184 balls as if it was an ODI match with 16 fours and 5 Sixes. Truly a memorable test match for Allan Border.

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127 vs West Indies (1985)

It would not be right if I don’t include his best ODI innings in this list as he has also got 6500+ runs in ODI cricket so the last innings in this list is this extraordinary innings that he played against the best West Indies team in 1984 which had the bowling attack of Joel Garner, Michael Holding and Malcolm Marshall so the enormity of this Innings just went by a 100. He absolutely decimated the greatest bowling lineup and in just 140 balls with the help of 13 fours he scored 127 runs and he was the reason that Australia won that match by 26 runs.

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