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Updated on January 4th 2024, 12:24:18 pm

First Century of Rohit Sharma in international cricket

First Century of Rohit Sharma in international cricket

Dive into cricket history with our in-depth article on Rohit Sharma's first century in international cricket. Explore the pivotal moment in 2010 against Zimbabwe that marked the beginning of Rohit's prolific career.

Rohit Sharma has made 45 Hundreds in international cricket and he has made the majority of these since 2013 ever since he was promoted to the top of the order. Rohit Sharma has proven to be one of the greatest opening batters in the history of white ball cricket. However before Rohit Sharma started getting all these Hundreds as an opener, he had scored some Hundreds. The first century that he made was in 2010 against Zimbabwe. This was an important career moment for him as he was starting to prove himself.

When did Rohit Sharma score his first international century?

Rohit Sharma marked his arrival in international cricket with his first century in 2010 against Zimbabwe. Playing an important role for India, he smashed the Zimbabwe bowlers, laying the foundation for a prolific career that has since seen him amass 45 international hundreds, establishing himself as one of the greatest opening batters in white-ball cricket history.

Let’s talk about the First Century that Rohit Sharma scored in international cricket

Rohit Sharma hits his first international hundred

The year was 2010 which was one year before the 2011 World Cup and it was important for Rohit Sharma that he hit this hundred because he was not getting a big score and that meant he was losing the slot to be in the 2011 World Cup squad. This match was against Zimbabwe and India were batting first. Rohit Sharma came into bat at number 4 and he absolutely smashed the Zimbabwe bowlers to all parts. He played 119 balls in this innings and he hit 6 fours and 4 sixes meaning 48 runs in boundaries. He ran for 66 of his runs and yet he had a strike rate of 95.60. Rohit Sharma helped India reach a good total. However, India lost the match but Rohit Sharma had arrived in international cricket.

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This was the first of 45 Hundreds and he got his second ODI hundred in the next match against Sri Lanka. This showed everyone that Rohit Sharma had arrived and he was going nowhere. However he was not selected for the 2011 World Cup which affects him to this day and after looking at the result of the 2023 World Cup he wished he was a part of that team. In 2013, he made his first test century when he smashed 177 in his debut innings vs West Indies in Kolkata in 2013. He also hit 3 ODI double hundreds. The first was in 2013 against Australia when he made 209 in the final of the iconic 7 Match ODI series. The second was in 2014 when he made a record 264 vs Sri Lanka which still stands to this day.

Rohit Sharma was batting in the middle order in the first part of his career and it was MS Dhoni who asked him to bat at the top of the order. He has made 31 ODI hundreds which is the 3rd most in history. He has made 10 Test hundreds and a record 4 T20I hundreds. And all of this has been possible because of the very first one that he made against Zimbabwe in 2010. The first one is the hardest to make, once that comes then the next few are easy as the batter feels that he has done it once so he can do it again. Rohit Sharma has only a few good years left in him so he will most probably cross 50 international hundreds very soon.

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