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Updated on June 10th 2022, 6:45:49 am

Steve Waugh vs Wasim Akram Rivalry and Head to Head

In this article, we take a look at Steve Waugh vs Wasim Akram Rivalry and their head to head. Steve Waugh and Wasim Akram played 13 Test Matches against one another.

We did one head to head about Viv Richards vs Dennis Lillee and we got a terrific response so we thought let’s get into the late 1990s and early 2000s and talk about Steve Waugh vs Wasim Akram who were the best batter and the best bowler from their respective countries. Steve Waugh and Wasim Akram started playing cricket from the late 1980s and they played till the early 2000s so there have been lots of duels between the legendary pair.

Before we talk about their Head to Head it’s important to talk about their individual records in international cricket because they are staggering. Steve Waugh played 168 Test Matches and 325 ODI Matches for Australia which is a total of almost 500 international matches. He scored more than 10000 runs in test cricket and in ODIs he made over 7500 runs and he had an average of over 51 in test cricket.

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Wasim Akram is the best bowler that Pakistan has ever seen and probably will ever see. He has played 104 Test Matches and 356 ODI Matches for Pakistan which is 460 international matches. He has taken 414 wickets in test cricket and 502 wickets in ODI cricket which gives a total of 916 international wickets in his international career. He played for 19 years and also made more than 6500 international runs for Pakistan which is staggering. Let’s look at their head to head now

Head to Head

Steve Waugh and Wasim Akram played 13 Test Matches against one another which is a lot and Wasim Akram got him out 4 times in those 13 Test Matches. Steve Waugh also scored runs against Wasim Akram and their most famous encounter was in 1994 in the Rawalpindi test match where Wasim Akram was bowling a barrage of fast bowling and wanted to hurt Steve Waugh and Steve said that it was the fastest bowling he had faced but Steve faced everything and still stood there and that earned the respect of Wasim Akram himself who said that Steve Waugh got beat a lot but he stood there and made 98 for Australia and that was commendable.

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Steve Waugh and Wasim Akram played against each other from 1985 till 2003 on a regular basis and the cricketing world was better for it as we saw two top class players at the best facing off and now a days we don’t see such great batter and Bowler duels which is a shame because the rules favor the batters so much.

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