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Updated on May 13th 2024, 11:25:34 am

Virat Kohli vs Josh Hazlewood Head to Head and Memorable Encounters

In ODI Cricket, Virat Kohli has made 58 runs in 95 balls against Josh Hazlewood and has been dismissed 5 Times by him. A look at their head to head and memorable encounters.

Virat Kohli has had a lot of legendary battles but this one against Josh Hazlewood has been one where there has been equal greatness shown from both sides. It is between the most consistent batter against the modern day Glenn McGrath. This battle still has a few chapters left but the ones that the fans have seen till now have been excellent.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is one of the greatest batters to have ever played the sport of cricket. Virat Kohli has been playing for 16 years and he still has the hunger to play at the highest level. He has played 113 Test Matches till now in which he has scored 8848 runs at an average of 49.16. He has also played 292 ODIs for India. He has made 13848 runs in ODI Cricket. He has hit 50 Hundreds in ODI Cricket. In 117 T20IS for India he has made 4037 Runs for India. Virat Kohli has hit 80 international Hundreds. Virat Kohli has made more than 26,700+ international runs so far and he will look to become the second ever batter to 30,000 international runs after his idol Sachin Tendulkar. He will also look to cross the 10,000 run mark in Test Cricket. 

Josh Hazlewood

Josh Hazlewood is one of those bowlers who does not have a lot of pace but his line and lengths are immaculate. He is the modern day incarnation of Glenn McGrath. He has so far played 70 Test Matches for Australia. He has taken 273 Wickets in Test Cricket at an average of 24.93. He has taken 12 Five Wicket Hauls In Test Cricket. He has also played in 86 ODIs for Australia. He has got 135 Wickets in ODI Cricket at an average of 26.34. He has taken 3 Five Wicket Hauls in ODI Cricket and has also taken 61 Wickets in T20I Cricket. Josh Hazlewood has taken a total of 469 international Wickets so far. Here are the Best Bowling Performances of Josh Hazlewood

Head to Head

In Test Cricket, Josh Hazlewood has bowled 435 balls to Virat Kohli in which Virat has made 167 runs against him. He has been dismissed 3 Times in Test Cricket by Josh Hazlewood. 

In ODI Cricket, Virat Kohli has made 58 runs in 95 balls against Josh Hazlewood. He has been dismissed 5 Times by him in ODI Cricket.

Memorable Encounters

  • Their first Memorable Encounter was in 2015 in the 4th Test Match of the series in 2015. This was the match where in the first innings, Virat Kohli made a brilliant 147 Runs and in the second innings he made a valiant 46. He made 37 runs in this test match against Josh Hazlewood who bowled 73 balls without getting him out.

  • Their next Memorable Encounter was in the 2018 series. It was the second test match and in the first innings it was a great test of bat vs ball. Josh Hazlewood bowled 50 balls to Virat Kohli in this innings.

  • The memorable Encounters in ODI Cricket was in 2020. It was the 3rd ODI between India vs Australia. In the second innings, Virat Kohli made a match winning 89. Josh Hazlewood got him out but before that he was hit for 13 runs in 10 balls.