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Updated on February 28th 2022, 12:04:42 pm

Top 5 Best Innings of Stephen Fleming

Stephen Fleming is known for playing long innings and he is one of the most successful left handed batters. We take a look here at the top best innings of Stephen Fleming.

Before the era of Brendon McCullum New Zealand cricket had one man at the helm and he was also one of the most amazing batters in the world during his time. He was a constant run getter for New Zealand and he has played some amazing innings which will define him and his legacy forever. He will always be one of the most important players in the history of New Zealand cricket.

Stephen Fleming is known for playing long innings and he is one of the most successful left handed batters in the last 25 years as he consistently got runs for the New Zealand team and won a lot of Matches from his bat as well as his leadership so selecting a top 5 of such a distinguished player is not an easy task but we will do our best. So, let’s look at the Top 5 Best Innings of Stephen Fleming.

274 vs Sri Lanka (2003)

Before this mammoth innings in 2003 vs Sri Lanka, Stephen Fleming was considered as an underperformer for New Zealand with barely any Hundreds or significant scores so he was under pressure to score a big score and that’s exactly what he did against Sri Lanka in this test match and from here on he got on a purple patch for the rest of his career. This test innings could have been a triple hundred but he chose to declare for his team and this was a great selfless act and an end to a truly incredible innings.

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134 vs South Africa (2003)

One of the best ODI innings that Stephen Fleming played in his illustrious career was this 134 runs that he made against South Africa In the 2003 World Cup in South Africa and this innings was noticed by one and all as a truly special innings. New Zealand needed 229 runs from 39 overs Fleming scored 134 from 132 balls and helped New Zealand cruise to a 9 wicket victory and an innings which would go as one of his best ever innings.

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262 vs South Africa at Cape Town (2006)

It looks like Stephen Fleming liked playing against South Africa irrespective of the format as was shown by him in this stunning innings of 262 vs South Africa at Newlands in Cape Town and showed the world that he still has got what it takes to score lots of runs at the big stage and this innings would also put him in the history books as being the only New Zealand batter at that time ri score 3 Test Double Hundreds and it is a rare feat for any cricketer and this shows what a great batter he truly was.

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108 vs South Africa (2004)

Another incredible innings of Stephen Fleming against South Africa and another time he showed that he is the best of the best and no one should take him lightly. Since 2003 , he was in a purple patch that carried on to 2004 and this ODI hundred was one of those instances as Stephen Fleming played a range of shots and wowed the world with his brilliance yet again against his favorite opponent.

116* vs Australia at MCG (1997-98)

This amazing innings from the bat of Stephen Fleming was one which came early on in hua career and it came against probably the best ODI team of that time in Australia. He wanted to show the world that he is not some random player but someone who should be taken seriously and after this sensational hundred against the Australian team he was taken seriously.

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