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Updated on May 29th 2022, 11:46:51 am

Interesting facts and stories about MS Dhoni

Do you know MS Dhoni made his Ranji Trophy debut as a young 18 year old in the 1999-2000 for Bihar at the time. Check out here interesting facts and stories about MS Dhoni.

We did an article about some of the interesting facts and stories about Sachin Tendulkar and now it is time to do one on the biggest superstar in Indian cricket over the last 18 years and that is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A lot of people know that before he became a cricketer he came from humble beginnings from Ranchi and he was interested in sports from a young age but he had to work as a ticket collector in Kolkata and one day he left everything and took the train to fulfill his dream of becoming a cricketer for India.

So without wasting any more time let’s get into some of the interesting facts and stories about the biggest brand in Indian cricket for over a decade and a half and try to give a closer the man behind the legend.

1. No batter wants to get out at 0 in his debut match but that’s what happened with MSD as he was run out on the very first ball of his career and the feeling must have been like everything is coming to an end before it even began.


2. MS Dhoni made his Ranji Trophy debut as a young 18 year old in the 1999-2000 for Bihar at the time and he made such an impact that within years he was in the Indian team so the lesson is work hard and your dreams will come true.


3. He was discovered by the new BCCI policy at the time which was the Small Town Talent Spotting Initiative and where PC Poddar was very impressed by his stroke play and his aggressive nature of his batting.


4. Before i became a Wicket-keeper, Dhoni.was a goalkeeper for his school football team and that is where his coach spotted him and asked him if he would be interested in wicketkeeping in cricket. He also had aove for Badminton but ultimately he chose cricket and all Indians are glad he did so.


5. The signature Helicopter shot that he plays was taught to him by fellow Jharkhand cricketer Santosh Lal so we all should be thankful to him for teaching this shot to Dhoni who used it so effectively throughout his career.

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6. In the year 2011, The Indian Army honoured him with the Honorary Rank of a Lt Colonel and Dhoni takes his army position very seriously as he even trained with his regiment in 2019.


7. He also owns a racing team with Telegu Film star Nagarjuna Akkineni and it is called “ Mahi Racing Team India “. He is a big racing fan like Sachin Tendulkar.


8. Another interesting fact that is loves his bikes and John Abraham introduced him to bikes and ever since he owns more than 20 bikes and he takes them for a ride whenever he is free.


9. Another recent fact is that he has started organic farming at his residence where he grows crops and vegetables and in his farm he has horses , dogs and a tractor as well with which he himself grazes the farm.


10. Before he met his wife Sakshi, there was one more woman in his life and unfortunately she died in a car accident and nobody knew about her before they saw the movie based on his life. Such a sad story to hear this.

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11. Dhoni whenever he can puts the army symbol on his wicket keeping gloves to show his love and respect for the Indian Army and in the 2019 World Cup there was a huge controversy because he wore it in the Indian matches.

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12.  When his daughter was born during the 2015 World Cup, Dhoni did not go back to see his child but stayed there to fulfill his National commitment to his nation. This shows that India was the most important thing for him and respect to him for that.


13.  MS Dhoni is the only Indian wicketkeeper to score more than 4000 Test runs and have more than 200 dismissals in Test cricket. What an incredible feat and shows such a special player he was.


14.  MS Dhoni is the only international cricket captain in history to win the ICC T20 World Cup, the ICC World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy. He had the Midas touch that helped India win tournament after tournament.


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