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Updated on May 28th 2022, 1:57:08 am

Interesting Stories and Facts about Sachin Tendulkar

In this article, check out the interesting stories and facts about Sachin Tendulkar. To become someone like Sachin Tendulkar it takes a lot of sacrifices and a lot of time away from family to become the greatest ever.

I am sure all of our readers know who Sachin Tendulkar is ,what all he has done in cricket and his number of Hundreds and Fifties and Matches Played etc but very few know about the inside stories and some interesting facts about the legend. To become someone like Sachin Tendulkar it takes a lot of sacrifices and a lot of time away from family to become the greatest ever and his journey started from Azad Maidan with his coach Ramakant Achrekar who used to take him from match to match on his scooter in one day.  We will see more such interesting facts below.

Without wasting any more time let’s get straight to the facts and stories about Sachin Tendulkar which are interesting and let my readers know about the Man behind the legend a little better.

1. Sachin Tendulkar is superstitious like most of us. He always wears his left pad first before his right pad before going out to bat so he at least has one human quality like us mere mortals.


2. Sachin never spent Diwali at home once he got married to Anjali and once Sachin was asked who was his dream woman and without thinking twice he very sweetly said “My Wife “. Such an amazing husband he is and now he can spend all his Diwali festivals with his family.


3. Here is a weird one, when he scored 664 runs with Vinod Kambli he was wearing wet pants and he did not have a spare one and so after that being the superstitious person he was he used to put some water on his pants before going out. Now this is an interesting story.

4. His coach Achrekar Sir wanted him to declare but he whistled and sang his way to a 664 run stand to avoid eye contact with the assistant of his coach. Quite the naughty kid Sachin Tendulkar was as he has himself confessed.


5. His first international quality cricket shoes were given to him by his teammate Pravin Amre and one can imagine how special it must have been for him.

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6. Showing his humility once again while doing an ad shoot he told the ad agency that he will not hit the ball with a fly swatter as it will make him look bigger than the game so they switched to him hitting it with the stump. Humility takes a person a long way in life and not just in sport.


7. Almost everyone knows Sudhir Kumar , the fan with Sachin on his body and dresses from head to toe in paint. Sachin Tendulkar promised him the tickets to all the India matches and he lived up to his promise. Very few elite performers are able to have such a personal connection with their fans and this is why even after retirement everyone loves him.


8. Band- Aids fascinated the Little Master so whenever he got injured he would immediately apply band aid to the wound. Ti be honest lot of people are fascinated by band aid. Still, an interesting fact about the great man.


9. As can be seen that Sachin Tendulkar is fascinated by speed and he likes go-karting too and his dream is to drive a Formula 1 car once in his life. Maybe that dream can come true now, who knows .


10. Sachin Tendulkar is a rare person who Nara and bowls with his right hand but he ears, signs autographs or even plays table tennis with his left hand. Only very few people are able to do this.

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11. One interesting fact is that Sachin Tendulkar wanted to become a fast bowler and he went to the MRF pace academy in 1987 and was turned down by Dennis Lillee and was told to focus on his batting. Dennis Lillee is not a legend for nothing and India is thankful he gave him this advice.


12. The first batter to be given out by the third umpire in 1992 was Sachin Tendulkar vs South Africa when Jonty Rhodes ran out Sachin short of his crease.


13.  Sachin Tendulkar idolized John McEnroe and he even had his hair style and his friends used to call him McEnroe and now many young people copy his hairstyle for decades.


14.  Sachin Tendulkar has played in the most number of cricket stadiums In the world In history with 90 different cricket grounds. That is an astonishing fact.


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