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Updated on May 3rd 2022, 3:09:37 pm

Top 5 Best Sachin Tendulkar Test cricket innings

Sachin Tendulkar has got 51 Test hundreds which is again the most by any player in history. He averaged a staggering 53.79 in 200 Test Matches. Take a look at his top 5 best test cricket performances.

This is a 2 peer article about the greatest cricketer to ever live and to ever play the sport of cricket in its history. This man is my all time favorite just like countless others and the impact that he has left on the game is unparalleled and will never be equaled. The popularity which he brought to the sport especially in India will be his lasting legacy and he inspired every young player who plays now. I am talking about none other than Sachin Tendulkar. And belated happy birthday master, this is my small tribute to you and Thank You for everything.

Let’s talk about the stars of this man especially in test cricket in this article and we will get to the ODIs one in the next article. He played 200 Test matches more than anybody in history and he scored 15,921 test runs which is also the highest. He has got 51 Test hundreds which is again the most by any player in history. He averaged a staggering 53.79 in 200 Test Matches. I am sure the innings that I choose will be different from other people’s lists but that’s the beauty of it. So, let’s see the Top 5 Best Sachin Tendulkar test cricket Performances.

114 vs Australia (1992)

For a lot of people this test innings by Sachin Tendulkar at only 19 years old is his best ever considering the pitch, the attack in front of him and the little experience he had. This innings at Perth was the time where the world knew that this was something really special. He was in a team where the rest of the batting order could not even get one 50+ score among them and to play at a strike rate of over 70 and to hit 16 fours against the likes of Merv Hughes, Craig McDermott and others was eye opening for the world. The pitch was swinging and bouncing like anything and then to navigate it and score a special hundred is special.

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241* vs Australia (2004)

This innings was a lesson , a masterclass in batting at test cricket. He was getting out playing the corner drive all series against Australia so he made up his mind that no matter what happens he will not play the cover drive in this innings. It was a test of patience and Sachin was winning the battle and he just kept scoring runs against everybody and in the end made 241* from 436 balls with 33 fours in this innings but not one cover drive and he gave a lesson that the ego of a batter should be kept outside the cricket Pitch when you play for your nation. India made 706 in the first innings of this test match.

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155” vs Australia (1998)

This is one of his greatest ever test innings as it came during a situation where India were down against a very strong Australia team and when India came out to bat in the second innings they were trailing by 71 runs and at number 4 came Sachin Tendulkar and he absolutely bossed this match from there and smashed all Bowlers including Shane Warne who was at his prime and he told him that he was better than him. Hitting at a strike rate of 81 ,he hit 14 hours and 4 huge sixes meaning a total of 80 runs in boundaries and ensured a win for India and a memory of a lifetime was made. Such a special player he was.

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193 vs England (2002)

This was a historic test match for India as they started their overseas winning habit from here on a tough Headingley pitch to bat on so therefore incredible innings Sachin Tendulkar played at this ground is on this list. India were batting first in this test match and 3 of their batters scored Hundreds but Sachin played a special knock of 193 in 330 balls and he laid the foundation for an Indian win. He batted at a good strike rate of over 58 and he hit 19 fours and 3 sixes meaning 94 runs in boundaries. It is a innings that is remembered even today.

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248* vs Bangladesh (2004)

The highest test score of Sachin Tendulkar came in an innings where none of the other regular batters crossed 50 runs and only Zaheer scored 75 runs at the end. It was a tricky innings and Sachin took one end with him and kept scoring runs as he was running out of partners. He hit 35 fours meaning 140 runs in boundaries and with a strike rate of 65.44, he played a very special test innings of 248* and won India the match.

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