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Adam Gilchrist Profile, Stats and Records

Adam Gilchrist Profile, Stats and Records

Adam Gilchrist is one of the most remarkable cricketers to ever play for the nation of Australia. Here we look at his profile, stats and records.

Adam Gilchrist is one of the most remarkable cricketers to ever play for the nation of Australia and he was an important part of the team which ruled world cricket for over a decade and no one could beat that Australian team and the teams that did used to be respected even more. He used to perform different roles in the ODI and Test formats and he performed both of those roles so well and that speaks to the level of his greatness.

Adam Gilchrist is also one of the most honest cricketers ever to play the game as well and that stood out to everyone and his calm demeanor and politeness always win hearts on and off the field and he is an idol for many young Wicket-keeper batters who want to be like him. So, let’s see his Profile Stats and Records.

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Profile :

Personal Information :

The full name of Adam Gilchrist is Adam Craig Gilchrist and he was born on 14th November 1971 and he was born in Bellingen, New South Wales Australia and since a young age he watched cricket and was fascinated by it and then he started playing the game and his talents were noticed and he was put in a camp and soon he was playing for Australia. He had a few other names that his teammates and family call him by and they are Gilly, Churchy and Wingnut. He was 6 ft 1 inch which gave him great ability to get in top of the ball and play the pull shot and the lofted shots so effortlessly.

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International Information :

He played for Australia from 1996-2008 whichajes it 12 glorious years and even in such a short time he made a significant contribution to the game of cricket as a whole. His first test match was against Pakistan on 5th November 1999 and only after 9 years he played his last test match against India on 24th January 2008 and in those 9 years he became a legend for the ages. Similarly, his debut ODI was on 25th October 1996 against South Africa and his final ODI match was vs India in 4th March 2008 capping off an incredible 12 year career. He also played T20I cricket for 3 years for Australia.

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Career Stats :







Runs scored



Batting average






Top score







Records :

Second Most Test Dismissals in Career (417 Dismissals).

Second most Test Catches in Career (379 Catches).

Second most Sixes in Test Cricket (100 Sixes).

Most Dismissals in an ODI Series (27 Dismissals).

Most catches in an ODI Series (26 Catches).

Second most runs in an ODI Series by a Wicket-keeper (525 Runs)

Second most Dismissals in Career (Including Test, ODI and T20IS) – 905 Dismissals.

Second most Catches in Career (Including Test, ODI and T20IS) – 813 Dismissals.

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