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Updated on April 11th 2022, 3:57:45 pm

Alain Prost Profile and his Formula 1 Career

Alain Prost Profile and his Formula 1 Career

Alain Prost is one of the most influential drivers in the history of Formula 1. Let’s take a look at the profile and the Formula 1 career of truly one of the greatest ever.

In the previous article we talked about the Three time Formulation I World Champion Niki Lauda and now in this article we will talk about the Four time World Champion Alain Prost and it can be safely said that he is in the Top 5 Greatest drivers Formula 1 has ever seen and the enormous impact that he has had on this sport will never be forgotten and If there was no Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton then he would have been called ax the greatest ever but Top 5 in this sport is not had Considering how many drivers have taken part in it.

Alain Prost is one of the most influential drivers in the history of Formula 1 and he made driving look easy when it most certainly is not and he had a charm and a great personality which attracted many fans towards him and he was the best driver without a question in the 80s and the 90s and he has inspired so many young aspiring F1 Drivers who saw him as their hero and someone they would like to emulate in this sport and more than all his titles and records the impact that he has left in many young minds will be his greatest legacy. Now let’s look at the profile and the Formula 1 career of truly one of the greatest ever.

Profile :

Before we talk about the incredible career of the great Alain Prost let’s talk about him first. His full name was Alain Marie Pascal Prost and he was born on 24th February 1955 and it looks like February is a great month to be a F1 driver. He was a superstar in Formula 1 and took the sport to new heights and all those who came after him were trying to follow in the footsteps of one of the best ever and there were a few who managed to surpass the great Alain Prost and no one more than him would be happier to see this. Our hope is he lives long and has a healthy life and enjoys watching Formula 1 and celebrates his great career.

Formula 1 Career :



Active Years

1980-1991 and 1993


McClaren, Renault, Ferrari, Williams


202 (199 Starts)


4 Titles (1985,1986,1989,1993)





Career points

798.5 points

Pole position


Fastest laps


First entry

1980 Argentina Grand Prix

First win

1981 French Grand Prix

Last win

1993 German Grand Prix

Last entry

1993 Australian Grand Prix


1980 Start with McClaren

He started his Formula 1 with McClaren and he was one of the better young drivers in the circuit that time and even though he finished 15th that year the potential that he had was clearly visible and it would come to fruition in the next decade plus as he joined Renault in 1981 and after that he just kept winning and no one was close. After his first Grand Prix victory his mindset changed because he told himself that “Before you thought you could do it and now you know you can”. During his time in Renault he became a much better driver and was consistently finishing in the Top 5 and everyone knew that he was only time away from winning his first World Championship and that came true in the years to come.

The Unstoppable Run

He rejoined McClaren in 1984 and in that season he came half a point before his legendary teammate Niki Lauda who won the World Title that year but following that it was the era of Alain Prost as the following two years no one was close to him as he won 2 back to back World Championships and cemented his legacy as the heat ever at that time and he was not finished with 2 as he would get one more in 1989 with McClaren.

Final hurrah in 1993

After taking a break in 1992 because he maybe was bored by winning so he thought let someone else win it this year and the next year in 1993 he returned with Williams and it was business as usual again as he won yet another World Championship to make it 4 titles in his career and he could sign off in style as only he would know how to do.

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