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Michael Schumacher Profile and his Formula 1 Career

Michael Schumacher Profile and his Formula 1 Career

Michael Schumacher started in Formula 1 in the year 1991 with Jordan and his debut race was the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix. Let’s take a look at the profile and the Formula 1 Career of the GOAT Michael Schumacher.

What do I say about this man that hasn’t already been said? There is almost no one on the planet that does not know the name of Michael Schumacher. The single most recognizable face in Formula 1 history and rightfully so. What he has done for the sport of Formula 1 throughout his unparalleled career is something that all the fans and the young drivers should be grateful for because without him Formula 1 would not be where it is today and racing in so many countries around the world. This man is the greatest of all time along with Lewis Hamilton and I can most associate myself with him as a fan.

He was the man who showed that there are no limits to greatness and you can win as many World Championships as you want provided you have the skills and the determination to win them. He won 7 Formula 1 World Championships,  that is absolutely crazy and only 1 man ever has won the same number as him so this shows how far above and beyond he was during his time and there used to be a competition for second place as the first one was already taken by this beast of a driver. So, let’s look at the profile and the Formula 1 Career of the GOAT Michael Schumacher.


Michael Schumacher was born on 3rd January 1969 in West Germany at that time and thankfully it became one united Germany as all of them could revere this once in a lifetime driver and call him their own. We can equate this with Sachin Tendulkar being the pride of India so that’s now big he was in Germany. The influence he has had on this sport cannot be properly put into words and I just want to say Thank You for making me and many others like me a fan of Formula 1 and for all the joy you have given us

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Formula 1 Career



Active Years

1991-2006 and 2010-2012


Jordan,Bennetton, Ferrari, Mercedes


308 (306 Starts)


7 Titles (1994,1995,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004)





Career points

1566 points

Pole position


Fastest laps


First entry

1991 Belgian Grand Prix

First win

1992 Belgian Grand Prix

Last win

2006 Chinese Grand Prix

Last entry

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix


The start of Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher started in Formula 1 in the year 1991 with Jordan and his debut race was the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix and he was paid $150,000 for his debut at that time. He was seen as someone who could produce fast Laps when needed thus showing he thrived under pressure. This was the crash course in the long journey to becoming the best ever.

Initial success in 1994 and 1995

After his first year he joined the Benetton team and from this point it was only upward for Michael Schumacher as he was starting to realize his full potential and he started getting regular podium finishes starting with a third place finish at the Mexican Grand Prix but at the Belgian Grand Prix he won his first race and this would prove to be the first of 91 Wins in total. In 1992, he skyrocketed to third place in the drivers standings and it was clear as day that the Schumacher era was upon us and finally in 1994 the time had come and he won his first World Championship and then he went on to repeat the year after in 1995.

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A decade of dominance at Ferrari

Perhaps the most important and the most popular Formula 1 partnership is the one between Ferrari and Michael Schumacher who were together for 10 years which is considered a good marriage and this was a marriage made in heaven by the racing gods. As soon as he arrived in Ferrari he helped then to get better at the constructors championship and he himself finished third in the 1996 season and till 1999 there were no World titles and it would have been very easy to end the partnership there but thank the lord that they carried on because the next 5-6 years he was absolute Unstoppable and the world saw dominance like never before.

2000-2004- Absolute dominance

After almost a decade and winning two titles the time came for the best version of Michael Schumacher to be seen to the fans around the world as in the year 2000 he won his third title and he was nowhere near done as for the next 4 years till the 2004 season he won the Formula 1 I Championship every year which no one before him had even attempted to do leave alone doing it. These 5 years took Formula 1 to a different stratosphere and it was all thanks to 1 man and the man we are all grateful that we got to witness him at his very best and all of us wish him a full recovery from the horrible accident he suffered years ago and that we can see him walk again.

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