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Updated on April 12th 2022, 7:23:19 am

Ayrton Senna Profile and his Formula 1 Career

To be a driver in the same era as Alain Prost and still win Three Formula 1 World Championships says everything about this truly incredible driver. Let’s take a look at the profile and Formula 1 Career of the truly great Ayrton Senna.

The 1980s and the 1990s was such a great time for the sport of Formula 1 as there were so many awesome drivers during that time and a few drivers won more than 2 World Championships and etched their places in the history books. We have already talked about two of them and now it is time to talk about the third of the greatest of that era Ayrton Senna from Brazil and he is only One of three Brazil drivers to win a World championship so he is in rare company. He was a great competitor to Alain Prost and they both traded world titles for fun and all the others had to Marvel in their greatness.

To be a driver in the same era as Alain Prost and still win Three Formula 1 World Championships says everything we need to know about this truly incredible driver. He was a hero in the country of Brazil which only worshiped footballers but he found a place in their hearts and more and more young boys and girls got into driving and many more have come in Formula 1 looking at him as their inspiration. His legacy will forever be written in golden letters especially for all the fans in Brazil and all the fans of F1 as well. Let’s take a look at the profile and Formula 1 Career of the truly great Ayrton Senna.

Profile :

Ayrton Senna was a true ladies man as he was charming and handsome without a doubt and that got him a lot more female fans. Ayrton Senna’s full name is Ayrton Senna De Silva and he was born on 21st March 1960 in Brazil and only after living a life for 34 years was taken away from us and the fans have not been able to recover from his shocking passing away in 1994. 34 years is no age to go but still what he did in those 34 years , most people could not do in their whole lives. He was a special talent and a true role model for all the young drivers should carry themselves.

Formula 1 Career :



Active Years



Toleman, Lotus, McClaren, Williams


162 (161 Race Starts)


3 Titles (1988,1990,1991)





Career points

614 points

Pole position


Fastest laps


First entry

1984 Brazilian Grand Prix

First win

1985 Portuguese Grand Prix

Last win

1993 Australian Grand Prix

Last entry

1994 San Marino Grand Prix


Debut in 1984

Ayrton Senna made his Formula 1 debut in the perfect dream scenario in front of his home fans in Brazil in 1984 but he was forced to retire from the race so it was a bad start to his career. He bounced back in the South African Grand Prix where he finished 6th and everyone saw the immense potential he had to become one of the all time greats in this sport. This was his graduation if one might say and based on the results was an A level student in class.

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The glory days with McClaren (1988-1993)

After being in the circuit for a good 4-5 years, he finally made the move to the big leagues of Formula 1 at that time and he joined McClaren in 1989 and from there he was on his way to become one of the very best in history. This was the time where there was intense competition between Senna and Prost and the winners were the fans of Formula 1 who got to see two drivers at the peak of their powers. Senna and Prost were In the same team in McClaren so it was a great time to be a McClaren fan. 1988 was the year of McClaren as both their drivers were trying to one up each other and finally in 1989 Ayrton Senna made history as he beat his great teammate Alain Prost and won his first ever World Championship and he followed it with two more in 1990 and 1993.

The unfortunate death

This is one of those deaths that still makes everyone at Formula 1 feel something bad inside as it was the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994 and it was supposed to be like any other race but fare had something else planned and in the middle of the race his car crashed and then the worst cane true as we lost Ayrton Senna in that race and it was absolutely devastating for everyone. Hopefully he is in a better place now.

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