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Updated on April 8th 2022, 1:23:11 pm

Niki Lauda profile and his amazing formula 1 career

Niki Lauda was an Austrian formula 1 driver and three time world champion. He was also an entrepreneur and an aviation one. Take a look at his amazing f1 career and his profile.

This is the first of our articles in the Formula 1 legends series and we are starting big time because the driver we are talking about a man who not only was a phenomenal driver in his time but later on in his life , he was also the non executive chairman of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team from 2012 and he was the man who was responsible for getting the GOAT Lewis Hamilton to Mercedes for a 3 year deal from 2013 and we have seen how successful the relationship between Lewis and Mercedes has been over the years.

Enough has been said about his managerial roles after his retirement but it is now time to talk about the reason why he is an all time legend in this great sport and in our own little way celebrate this great man who gave so much to Formula 1 in the 70s and the 80s and as we can see by his pictures from the day he was a very handsome man and one that the ladies loved. So, let’s look at the profile and his amazing Formula 1 career.

Profile :

His full name is Andreas Nikolaus Lauda and he was born on 22nd February 1949 In the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria and for the next 70 years he would bless everyone around him and on 20th May 2019 he breathed his last and the world was a poorer place without him. He was also an entrepreneur and an aviation one at that as he founded three companies namely Lauda Air, Niki and Lauda. His family earlier on was not in favor of him pursuing this career path of a Formula 1 driver but he has shown that with hard work and determination anything is possible and you can still make your parents proud and that one should never back down from his dreams.

Formula 1 career :



Active Years

1971-1979 and 1982-1985


March, BRM, Ferrari, Brabham, McClaren


177 (171 Race Starts)


3 Titles (1975,1977,1984)





Career points


Pole position


Fastest laps


First entry

1971 Australian Grand Prix

First win

1974 Spanish Grand Prix

Last win

1985 Dutch Grand Prix

Last entry

1985 Australian Grand Prix


1974-1977 with Ferrari

After a not so successful start to his Formula 1 career in the first 3-4 years, it was in the year 1974 that he decided that he needed to change few things in order to be successful and one of them was to change his team and he joined Ferrari in 1974 and from there he never looked back as he got his first Formula 1 win at the 1974 Spanish Grand Prix and after that the winning just came one after the other and finally in the year 1975 his dream was fulfilled and he won the Formula 1 World Championship and all his efforts and struggles have come to fruition. The year 1976 was not the best year in the life of Lauda as he suffered an accident on the track but he quickly recovered and was back in the 1977 season but his relationship with Ferrari had gone South but he still won the World Championship that year making it 2 titles.

First retirement and the perfect comeback :

He retired from Formula 1 in 1979 to start his own airline business and he was happy about his decision to retire but in the year 1982 McClaren offered him the chance to come back and he came back for three more years till 1985 and he was racing in a very high quality and his relationship with McClaren was better and in the year 1984 he won his third World Championship thus ending a great career finally in the year 1985 for good and he can be very proud of himself of what he has accomplished in this sport.